ADHD Assessment UK:
The Ultimate Guide

Ruth Kennedy - 1 March 2024

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Are you grappling with the daily challenges of undiagnosed ADHD symptoms? Unsure of where to turn for clarity and support? You're not alone. In the UK, navigating the landscape of ADHD assessment for adults can feel like an overwhelming maze.

Consider this: research shows that ADHD often goes undiagnosed in adults, impacting their personal and professional lives. The journey to understanding and managing ADHD begins with a proper assessment. Yet the process can seem daunting and inaccessible, especially when faced with long NHS waiting times or the financial burden of private clinics.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the complexities of ADHD assessment in the UK, shedding light on both NHS and private clinic options. Ever wondered where you can go to get tested or why it is worth getting a diagnosis? We've got you covered.

Expect answers. Expect clarity. Expect actionable insights to navigate this daunting process. Whether you’re new to ADHD testing or seeking better solutions, we're here to provide you with the latest information.

Plus, in the end, we’ll give you our recommendation for a natural solution to help manage your focus and attention while awaiting your diagnosis.


  • How Can I Get Assessed for ADHD in the UK as an Adult?
  • What Types of ADHD Testing Are There?
  • How Long is the NHS Waiting List for an ADHD Assessment?
  • How Much Does a Private ADHD Test Cost in the UK?
  • Where Can I Find an NHS or Private ADHD Assessment Near Me?
  • ADHD Assessments Online
  • Finding an ADHD Assessment in England
  • Seeking an ADHD Assessment in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Is it Worth Getting an ADHD Diagnosis?
  • How to Manage Your Focus and Attention Issues While You Wait
  • Conclusion

How Can I Get Assessed for ADHD in the UK as an Adult?

Getting assessed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as an adult in the UK can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Still, it's important to know that several options are available.

One of the first steps in getting assessed for ADHD as an adult in the UK is to speak with your GP. Your GP can provide information about the disorder and suggest ways to get assessed. If your GP determines that you may have ADHD, they will write you a referral to a specialist, such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist who specialises in ADHD evaluations.

Watch: How To Get Tested For Adult ADHD - (UK / US)

Once you have a referral, you'll be able to get an ADHD assessment one of two ways.

The first option for getting assessed for ADHD as an adult in the UK is through the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS provides ADHD assessments for eligible individuals seeking a more accessible and cost-effective option.

The second option is private clinics that offer ADHD assessments. These clinics generally provide more comprehensive evaluations and can offer a quicker diagnosis than the NHS. However, they can be quite costly.

Regardless of your route, it's important to be honest and open with the professional conducting your testing. Providing them with as much information as possible about your symptoms, behaviours, and medical history will help them make an accurate diagnosis.

It's also important to remember that getting assessed for ADHD is the first step. After your assessment, you may be recommended for treatment, which can include ADHD medication, therapy, or a combination of both.

What Types of ADHD Testing Are There?

ADHD testing is an important tool for diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children and adults. The most common type of ADHD test used to diagnose the disorder is the QB Test or Quotient Behavioral Test. This test measures a person's ability to pay attention, stay focused and concentrate on tasks by tracking their behaviour over a period of time. The DIVA (Developmental Inventory for Visual-Motor Assessment) has also been developed as an alternative form of ADHD testing specifically designed for adults.

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The QB Test involves computerised activities and paper-and-pencil tasks that must be completed within a certain time frame. The patient's data is then compared against established norms based on age, gender, and other factors to determine if symptoms of ADHD are present.

Other ADHD tests can include the Conners' Adult ADHD Rating Scale and the Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales, which give a detailed assessment of a patient's behaviour. These tests are meant to be used by healthcare professionals, who can then determine if ADHD is present or not.

If you think you might have ADHD, take our self-assessment today to see whether or not you present key symptoms.

How Long is the NHS Waiting List for an ADHD Assessment?

The NHS offers ADHD assessments to eligible individuals and provides a more accessible and cost-effective option. An ADHD assessment through the NHS is typically conducted by a specialist such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist and can be done through a referral from your GP.

However, these services are often under-subscribed, and it can be difficult to get an appointment due to long waiting lists in some areas, so it may take some time to receive a diagnosis and begin treatment.

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Statistics show that, on average, it takes around two to three years for people with ADHD to receive an assessment and appropriate treatment through the NHS. The time to receive treatment depends on which part of the UK you live in, as waiting lists vary across different localities.

In some parts of England, referral times are shorter than two years but still significantly longer than other services such as mental health counselling or physiotherapy. And in some places, that time frame could be as high as seven years! This lengthy wait can be extremely difficult and frustrating for those affected by this condition.

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How Much Does a Private ADHD Test Cost in the UK?

On the other hand, private ADHD assessments are typically conducted by private clinics and are paid for by the individual or their insurance. Private assessments are generally more comprehensive and can provide a quicker diagnosis than the NHS.

Private assessments also allow for a more personalised approach, as you can choose a specialist who best meets your needs and can offer a more private and confidential setting. However, private ADHD assessments can be expensive, and may not be covered by insurance, so it's important to consider your budget when deciding between private and public options.

The cost of a private ADHD test in the UK can range significantly. Factors such as the testing centre's location, whether it’s done at home or at a clinic, and the assessment tools used will all affect the price. Some tests may be more expensive than others due to specialists being involved with complex assessments.

Generally speaking, you should expect to pay anywhere from £500-£2000 for an initial screening session with a qualified psychologist.

Where Can I Find an NHS or Private ADHD Assessment Near Me?

Below we have collected information on where you can get assessed for ADHD across the UK both through the NHS and privately. For the private locations, we've also included the cost of an initial assessment so you can see the comparison. Please remember that you almost always must have a referral from a GP or psychiatrist to be assessed.

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It's also important to note that since 2018 if you are registered with a GP surgery in England, and a GP refers you to an appropriately qualified healthcare professional, you have the right to choose the provider to whom you are referred, as long as that provider is providing that service in other parts of England.

However, if you are registered with a GP in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, this does not apply. In Northern Ireland, you are referred to a mental health service by your GP or Health and Social Care Trust. You may be able to choose which service you want to go to, but this is not guaranteed.

ADHD Assessments Online

If you believe you have undiagnosed ADHD and are looking for an assessment, it's worth considering the option of online assessments available in the UK. With the NHS waiting lists for ADHD assessments becoming longer and private assessments being costly, online assessments can be a convenient option.

ADHD 360

  • Services Provided: Initial online screening, several different packages for an official diagnosis done by a clinician, a tailored treatment plan with options including ADHD medication, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Assessment Cost: £780 (An NHS Right to Choose Partner)

Psychiatry UK

  • Services Provided: official diagnosis assessment and treatment plan options, including medication and titration, psychosocial interventions, private prescription and shared care agreement back to your NHS GP.
  • Assessment Cost: £360 (An NHS Right to Choose Partner)

Berkeley Psychiatrists

  • Services Provided: provides a full assessment with a consultant psychiatrist. Once they diagnose ADHD, they will make treatment recommendations to share with your GP.
  • Assessment Cost: £825

Claimont Health

  • Services Provided: They offer an online specialist assessment from the comfort of your own home without interrupting your day-to-day life or busy schedule. They specialise in providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for adult ADHD.
  • Assessment Cost: £1350

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Finding an ADHD Assessment in England

If you are living in England, there are plenty of options to choose from; the problem is knowing which one is right for you. That is why we have done the research and compiled this ultimate guide to where you can go to be assessed and receive an accurate ADHD diagnosis. As previously mentioned, if you are registered with a GP in England, you have the Right to Choose where you go for care, so be sure to explore all your options.

woman seeing a psychiatrist


For your convenience, we have compiled a comprehensive guide dedicated to ADHD assessment options in London.


We have created a detailed guide that is solely dedicated to ADHD assessment options in Birmingham.


 We've put together a comprehensive guide that focuses on ADHD assessment options in Bristol to make the process as straightforward as possible.


Our team has compiled a comprehensive guide specifically on ADHD assessment options in Leeds, designed to simplify the process and reduce any stress.


Our team has provided a comprehensive guide on ADHD assessment options in Liverpool, designed to make the process as straightforward as possible and provide you with peace of mind.


Check out the guide on ADHD assessment options in Manchester, our team designed to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


By creating a complete guide to ADHD assessment options in Nottingham our team aims to provide you with the help you need to manage your ADHD with confidence.

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Other Locations

NHS ADHD Assessment Options

Berkshire Heathcare NHS FT - Adult ADHD Shared Care Clinic

  • Services Provided: Providing a full assessment of your ADHD condition to better understand your situation. They also provide treatment options such as recommendation of ADHD medications or talking therapy with a specialist psychiatrist.
  • Current Waiting Times: 3 Years
  • Location: Reading - RG1 5LR

Kent Community Health NHS FT - Adult Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Service

  • Services Provided: Provides comprehensive expert assessment and treatment for adults with suspected or diagnosed ADHD. They also provide a range of treatment options, including the ability to prescribe ADHD medication.
  • Current Waiting Times: 2+ years
  • Location: Kennington - TN25 4AZ

Rotherham ADHD Service

  • Services Provided: offers diagnosis and provision of advice on the condition to the adult population of Rotherham, including advice to carers and employers, and ongoing pharmacological treatment.
  • Current Wait Times: 2+ years
  • Location: Rotherham - S61 1AJ

Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS FT - Sheffield Adult Autism & Neurodevelopmental Service

  • Services Provided: a specialist service consisting of a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team responsible for the assessment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders including ASD and ADHD.
  • Current Waiting Times: 5 years
  • Location: Sheffield - S10 3TG

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS FT - ASD and ADHD Service: Hampshire

  • Services Provided: provides diagnosis and support for adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A specialist practitioner will carry out a face-to-face assessment with you which they will discuss with the consultant.
  • Current Waiting Times: 4 years
  • Location: Basingstoke - RG21 7AN

Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS FT

  • Services Provided: provides a specialist assessment, diagnostic and treatment service for adults with suspected ADHD.
  • Current Waiting Times: 2+ years
  • Location: Stockton-On-Tees - TS18 3TS

Private ADHD Assessment Options

Clinical Partners

  • Services Provided: A consultant psychiatrist will work with you to gather information from multiple sources to establish a pattern of ADHD symptoms. Then after your assessment, they will suggest further treatment or services.
  • Assessment Cost: £895
  • Location: Multiple locations across the UK

Adult ADHD Clinic

  • Services Provided: Adult ADHD Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality of information, clinical assessments and treatments for ADHD in adults.
  • Assessment Cost: £1600
  • Location: Oxford - OX3 7RP

Seeking an ADHD Assessment in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

If you are living in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, things are a little different as Right to Choose does not apply, so it's good to be informed of what options you have available to you.


Scotland is a beautiful country that is home to many adults who may be seeking ADHD assessments. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. Whether you're based in Edinburgh, Glasgow or any other part of Scotland, it's essential to understand the different ADHD assessment options available to you. Fortunately, we have created a comprehensive guide dedicated to ADHD assessment options in Scotland to help make the process easier for you.


Dr Stephen Davies - Consultant Psychiatrist

  • Services Provided: A consultant psychiatrist who provides support for common mental health conditions and has experience diagnosing untreated ADHD.
  • Assessment Cost: £650
  • Location: Swansea - SA7 9LA
a male nhs care psychiatrist

Northern Ireland

Unfortunately, there is not much information on any adult ADHD services available in Northern Ireland at this time. We suggest looking further into the online options listed above for getting tested for ADHD.

Trying to get an ADHD diagnosis can be frustrating if you are not receiving the help you need. But while there is no quick fix, there are things you can do to manage symptoms like focus and attention issues to improve your life.

Is it Worth Getting an ADHD Diagnosis?

The UK has seen an increase in the number of people being diagnosed with ADHD. However, with many still undiagnosed, it’s important to consider whether or not a diagnosis is worth it.

As adult ADHD can often be difficult to diagnose, and symptoms tend to vary from person to person, getting an accurate diagnosis is key. It's the only way to ensure you receive appropriate treatment.

A diagnosis of ADHD can clarify why you may have been experiencing certain issues and behaviours throughout your life. It also enables you to access treatments and therapies to help you manage or overcome these difficulties.

This can include medication and psychological interventions such as cognitive behavioural therapy or lifestyle modifications like improving diet and exercise habits.

How to Manage Your Focus and Attention Issues While You Wait 

Waiting for an ADHD assessment can be a challenging and stressful time. I understand this firsthand as a life coach for people with ADHD, as I also struggled with ADHD symptoms before being diagnosed later in my thirties. Whether you're waiting for a diagnosis through the NHS or saving up for a private assessment, it can feel like time is standing still.

During this waiting period, it's crucial to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. It's important to keep a record of your symptoms, educate yourself about ADHD, and seek additional support. These steps can help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life while you wait for your assessment.

As someone who has been through this waiting process myself, I would like to share what helped me manage my focus and attention during that time - natural supplements.

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As the NHS waiting lists for ADHD assessments for adults continue to grow longer and the costs for private assessments remain high, trying Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is a convenient and affordable way to tackle those focus and attention problems sooner rather than later.


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In conclusion, navigating the landscape of ADHD assessment in the UK can indeed feel like an overwhelming maze. However, armed with the knowledge provided in this comprehensive guide, you're equipped to make informed decisions about your next steps. Whether you're considering NHS wait times or exploring private assessment options, taking that initial step toward diagnosis is crucial for your well-being.

 Remember, investing in an ADHD assessment is an investment in your future self. The benefits of an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plan are immeasurable, offering the potential for improved quality of life and enhanced productivity.

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Ruth Kennedy

Ruth Kennedy is a freelance life coach who, after being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, strives to help others with ADHD manage their symptoms in the best way possible.

Ruth Kennedy

Ruth Kennedy is a freelance life coach who, after being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, strives to help others with ADHD manage their symptoms in the best way possible. Ruth takes Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™ daily and swears by it to help her stay focused and productive. She uses her experience as an ADHD life coach to contribute to the Brainzyme® blogs.

An American Expat living in Edinburgh, Ruth loves exploring the beautiful city and surrounding countryside with her husband and two dogs.

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