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What are Brain Food Supplements/ 'natural smart pills'?

  • Introducing ...
    'natural smart pills'

    Also known as 'brain food supplements'. They're made with food supplement ingredients scientifically proven to support mental performance and cognition, improving concentration and reducing tiredness. They include matcha, guarana, choline and vitamins/ minerals.

  • Do BrainZyme 'brain food supplements' work?

    Yes, they work for most people. Typically within an hour, lasting between 4-6 hours or more. Customer reviews report having better focus, thinking clearer and getting more done. There are short term (hour, day) effects and also medium term (week) effects.

  • They are not
    smart drugs

    'Natural smart pills' are not the same as pharmaceutical 'smart drugs' sold illegally. We never use pharmaceutical drugs, nor illegally-sold-over-the-internet experimental substances. We fully support the British MHRA's work in this area.

  • We're Safe, Scientifically Proven & British made

    We're all about being safe to take, being scientifically proven and made in the UK. We are compliant with 5 different governmental bodies within UK and EU. We take great care and love in our manufacture and customer service.

Brain Food Supplements

Brain Food Supplements

Introducing our range of leading British-made and British-registered 'nutritional cognitive enhancers' also known as 'natural smart pills'.
Scientifically proven to work, designed with natural ingredients and with affordable pricing.

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Core Ingredients

Core Ingredients

BrainZyme is a brain food supplement (nutritional cognitive enhancer) with core ingredients of: natural matcha, guarana, choline & vitamins/minerals.
Advanced versions include gingko biloba, magnesium, and a neuro-support formula with chia seeds.

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Who makes BrainZyme?

Reviews from

Richard Haggarty 
Published 6 hours ago. Verified order
Excellent product
★★★★★ (5/5) Excellent product, fulfills every promise it says on the box. I highly recommend this product.
[originally reviewed at]

Beryl    [originally reviewed at TrustPilot 2/April/2017]
It makes me feel awake and wanting to finish everything that needs done.
★★★★★ (5/5) I wish I had known about this product when I was at University, I could have graduated with an even better grade! 這項產品讓我注意力集中,能快速完成工作。多希望時間能倒退,讓我在就學時發現它,我一定能考到更好的學校!

Loral Quinn     [originally reviewed at TrustPilot 6/March/2017]   
Woke me up and gave me a concentration boost
★★★★★ (5/5) I definitely felt more alert and able to focus. 

Christoph Vogelbusch    [originally reviewed at TrustPilot 28/February/2017] 
Stay calm and focused under pressure
★★★★★ (5/5) The instantly noticeable effect is it's feels easy to stay calm and focused – I was really able to get all my thoughts beautifully streamlined.  ... and I am making sure I am perfectly water supported. Stay healthy, stay sharp. 

Seoras Orr     [originally reviewed at TrustPilot  9/February/2017]   
Great product! Helps you hold your focus and concentration naturally!
★★★★★ (5/5) I found BrainZyme to be calming, but also helpful in keeping my focus on work. I would happily recommend this product to any of my student friends, or indeed anyone struggling to keep their attention on task. There are people I know who go to crazy lengths to go on studying - using all sorts of stimulants to keep going! They end up feeling wired and stressed, and then crash out at the end. BrainZyme offers a safe, natural alternative that does the job! 

Childan71    [originally reviewed at 8 Feb 2017]
Tried it once and it seemed to work!
(4/5) I was very tired at work and a friend gave me some brainzyme to try. Only used it once but I was certainly a lot more productive afterwards and for the majority of the day. I'll definitely try it again when I'm needing to focus.

E Matthews   [originally reviewed at 28 Jan 2017]
Noticeable effects, good overall
★★★★✰ (4/5) Honestly at first I was a bit sceptical, but I tried the capsules on a day I was feeling not so great and afterwards felt like I could get stuff done which speaks volumes for what it could do if you weren't already ill. I've not tried them long term so obviously I can't say for certain but I would expect them to be a very effective study supplement as advertised. I don't know much about chemistry so I couldn't tell you how the product works but it seems to me that it produces results without harming your body in any sort of way so I'm all for it.

Lynn Mackenzie    [originally reviewed at 27 Jan 2017]
★★★★★ (5/5)  I found this product significantly increased my concentration and my focus. I like this product because it is composed of all natural food supplements and it actually works ! Definitely a 5 star product!

Video review by Jenny

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6 good reasons to choose BrainZyme:

  • Fast Acting

    We don't hang about! We have designed BrainZyme to work quickly and deliver tangible results. You get noticeable results fairly quickly (typically between 30-45 minutes, lasting 4-6 hours).

  • Scientifically Proven

    We rely on leading edge-scientific consensus regarding published nutritional/ cognitive science ... which has been agreed on by a pan-European panel of nutritional scientists at EFSA.

  • Safe & Natural

    We are always in-line with UK and EU supplement safety standards, being made in the UK. Our products are packed with natural ingredients, such as matcha and guarana.

  • Be As Smart As You Can Be

    Get smart, get more done. Today, you can also experience 'being as smart as you can be'. Be warned: you might just start enjoying how much more you get done!

  • Get more done!

    Mental performance, improved concentration and better results. Start studying, working and living better, with a natural smart pill that really works.

  • Legal & Affordable

    Our brain food supplement cognitive enhancers are compliant with British food supplement law. And our prices make it easy for anyone to experience a 'natural smart pill'.

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What is BrainZyme?

BrainZyme is a brain food supplement cognitive enhancer with natural matcha, guarana and vitamins/minerals.
It is scientifically proven to: support mental performance and cognition, improve concentration & reduce tiredness.
It is a 'natural smart pill' that can help you “get smart, get more done!”

Does it work?

Yes, it does work with most people within 30-45 minutes or so, and ... enables you to have the benefits of: support of mental performance and cognition, improved concentration together with reduced tiredness.
You might find yourself being able to work/study very well for 4-6 hours, concentrating well, whilst NOT feeling tired despite all the extra information ... we call that, "smart".

Who can take it?

BrainZyme is a food supplement, it is made from food ingredients. It is suitable for vegetarians. It is not suitable for children under 16.

Why should I try BrainZyme?

Here are some reasons why you should try BrainZyme 'natural cognitive enhancer' capsules:
They are scientifically proven to: support mental performance and cognition, improve concentration & reduce tiredness.
They are natural, safe and legal.
They are made in the UK and are affordable.

Which government agencies regulate BrainZyme?

BrainZyme is manufactured in the UK by Better Nutritional Science Ltd, a food supplement company compliant with statutory regulations enforced by: the Department of Health (UK), Food Standards (Scotland), Food Standards Agency, City of Edinburgh Environmental Health (Scotland), Trading Standards (Scotland) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Advisory Information

This product contains Iron, which can be harmful to young children in large doses. In case of accidental overdose, contact your local emergency services as soon as possible. This product contains naturally occurring caffeine (from green tea and guarana bean sources), equivalent to approx 1/3 of a cup of filter coffee per capsule. If you are normally sensitive to caffeine try starting with one capsule first.

Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Take medical advice if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, under medical supervision or suffer from allergies. Always read the product directions before use. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur. Keep out of sight and reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if pouch has been tampered with.


At £7.95 for BrainZyme Original, including free shipping in the UK, it is an scientifically proven, legal, safe, UK made and affordable option for everyone over 16.
Buy online today (before 3.30pm) and we'll dispatch your order the same day with Royal Mail first class.