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Scientific Resources

We have collected some relevant scientific resources here to share with you, covering:

UK National Nutritional Survey And Commentary

Cognition And Nutrition

'Smart Drugs' In Research


This is list is growing, and we welcome contributions from the community. Please let us know if we should add anything using the form at the bottom of this page.

Scientific Resources: Nutrition, Cognition & Brain Supplements

UK national nutritional survey, advisory, and commentary 

    Nutrition and Cognition

    BrainZyme contains natural-sourced ingredients, that have been independently scientifically proven with clinical studies from respected scientific (peer reviewed) journals and the 18 member panel of nutritional/scientific peers at EFSA.

    These published results can be found on the EFSA website and are copied below:

    Research on specific vitamins and minerals used in BrainZyme.

    Other helpful and related studies:

    Smart Drugs/Brain Enhancers, Nootropics, and Cognitive Enhancers


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