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Scientific Resources

We have collected some relevant scientific resources here to share with you, covering:

UK National Nutritional Survey And Commentary

Cognition And Nutrition

'Smart Drugs' In Research

This is a growing list, and so we welcome contributions from the community. Please let us know if we should add anything using the form at the bottom of this page.

Scientific Resources: Nutrition, Cognition & Brain Supplements

UK national nutritional survey, advisory, and commentary 

    Nutrition and Cognition

    Brainzyme contains natural-sourced ingredients, that have been independently scientifically proven with clinical studies from respected scientific (peer reviewed) journals and the 18 member panel of nutritional/scientific peers at EFSA.

    These published results can be found on the EFSA website and are copied below:

    Research on specific vitamins and minerals used in Brainzyme.

    Other helpful and related studies:

    Smart Drugs/Brain Enhancers, Nootropics, and Cognitive Enhancers


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