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    Based on 486 reviews
    Just what I was looking for

    I tried these 1st time with no success until recommended to add the extra capsule and now have noticed after hr on taking them early morning I will get considerably light headed and extremely hungry, but once I have satisfied my hunger ,these work like a charm ,

    BrainZyme® Professional - Stronger - for Concentration & Motivation: -- Brain Food Supplement (Cognitive Enhancer) Natural Nootropic.

    BrainZyme Professional

    I loves the product it is great for studying for longer hours and even for working out it creats a great mucsle mind connection I bought 6 packs and I will buy more


    I don't feel mutch effect except of my mood. It has made my mood feel more postive and more independent. I'm not sure if it's helping my education at all but it's making my life abit happier.

    BrainZyme® Elite VALUE PACK + Mood Lift, Concentration, Energy, Memory: -- Brain Food Supplement (Cognitive Enhancer) Natural Nootropic.

    Una ayuda perfecta para estudiar

    Es un suplemento efectivo para las largas jornadas de estudio de un opositor. Aprovechas mejor las horas y te distraes menos. Sin duda, es una buena ayuda para conseguir tu plaza :-)

    Great product! Great service!

    I'm very impressed with Brainzyme supplements. I use the professional and it gives me a nice, subtle (but noticable) boost in the mornings. I highly recommend them.
    And the service is fantastic. Got a personal thank you note from them and a couple of samples.
    Great job Brainzyme team!

    Improving my mood with BrainZyme Pro

    I have been taking BrainZyme Pro whilst reducing my anti-depressants over the last three months. BrainZyme has helped me remarkably along with fish oils. Thank you BrainZyme Pro.

    BrainZyme (Professional) Brain Food Supplement (6 capsules sample pack)
    Brainzyme professional

    I tried the sample pack when doing revision and essay writing and it really help me maintain focus for longer and not get that shakey feeling when you drink too much coffee to stay awake. It also help me keep going longer even though I’m a parent of two kids with a 20 year gap one getting over post transplant and the other a toddler. So it helps with the stamina of daily routine as well as studies and essays. Thank you


    I am very happy with the results of this product, I will buy again
    thank you very much

    Brainzym elite

    Brainzyme elite really does what it says. Really glad I got to try this product as a natural supplement. To help with concentration and focus. Really happy with this product as a mum of two, who’s studying and doing exams it’s been really useful and will order more x thank you brainzyme - Jen

    Tres bon vitamine

    [Commentaire extrait de Amazon Reviews sur 23 septembre 2018]
    (5/5) Je conseille au gens qui ont des problemes de memoire d'acheter BrainZymeProfessionel. Le BrainZym marche bien pour la memoire.

    BrainZyme (Professional) Brain Food Supplement (6 capsules sample pack)

    BrainZyme (Professional) Brain Food Supplement (6 capsules sample pack)

    BrainZyme® Elite + Mood Lift (Brain Nutrition), Concentration, Memory: -- Brain Food Supplement (Cognitive Enhancer) Natural Nootropic.

    Cool, but...

    [originally reviewed at Amazon 19/September/2018]
    (5/5) Right, so let me be perfectly honest: upon experiencing with illegal substance to boost my studying, which came to great cost and possible serious side effects, but great results too - I have decided to opt for something more economic, legal and healthier, but with the similar effects. I've found BrainZyme to be very good substitute for my purposes, it allows me to go through mundade study tasks efficiently and helps me to concentrate. I wouldn't use it to boost my creativity though. I have no basis for my next statement other than observation of myself: however, I found myself easily irritable when on BrainZyme and concentrating on my task and someone disturb me. It could easily be that I'm just easily irritable person in general. When I actually make some effort to talk to my girlfriend while on BrainZyme, I'm quite talkative and just start explaining technical details of whatever comes to my mind.
    Overall, I was gonna give 4* because I just didn't think it deserves 5*, but thinking about it, it's actually good product for good price, so I give five stars. But, I let you posted if I need to increase dosage with increase used.

    Works well!!!

    [originally reviewed at Amazon 18/September/2018]
    (5/5) I found the Pro version to be mild - no sharp shocks, - just a burst of energy that woke me up and lasted 6 hours. No side effects, no crash or sudden drops. Really enjoyed it and it worked well!


    [originally reviewed at Amazon 18/September/2018]
    (5/5) I had the Elite version, which is a great product (for me, my favourite). If you are fed up of buying sugary drinks and caffeine kicks to get you and your brain working well, then you could consider these in your life. Brilliant, and highly recommended!

    I really like the effects.

    [originally reviewed at Amazon 18/September/2018]
    (5/5) The effects are great in the mornings, when I feel a bit 'brain foggy' - and mostly that's enough for the day. I might take one more in the afternoon, but generally 2 in the morning is enough to get me through the day pretty well. Recommended if you need a 'kick start' in the morninngs.


    [originally reviewed at Amazon 18/September/2018]
    (5/5) This has helped me a lot. I can sit and study for a good 6 hours now, without getting the need for procrastination - I take mine after an hour or so food, rather than on an empty stomach.

    They do work

    [originally reviewed at Amazon 16/September/2018]
    (5/5) I have tried brianzyme professional as well, and wanted to see what the orignal ones were like, as they cost less. Well these do work as well, with a difference - which is hard to pin down, but I would say the pro's made me more 'blinkered' in my work, while the original ones felt calmer and less anxious. I have now decided to have both on different days, as some days you wake up and feel different.

    Quite effective - but side effect of being thirsty.

    [originally reviewed at Amazon 14/September/2018]
    (5/5) I could feel it working, but it did make me quite thirsty. If I didn't drink extra it made my head feel like it was dry and not comfortable. However, by sipping water insted of tea, the concentration effects were great and no dryness issues. So that's something to watch out for.

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