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    Based on 530 reviews
    Incredible. Absolute game changers.

    I don’t know what voodoo are in these pills but they’re INCREDIBLE.

    These pills make me a morning person after months of trying to get up before 9am! People at work have also noted on my happier demeanour at work, with one person saying I’m like a totally new person.

    Thank you Brainzyme!

    It works so well.

    Not much else to say.. just placed another order. I need more of it.


    I have used it for studying and tests. They have helped me improve so much my grade had gone up.

    Good product a bit pricey though

    Good product really helps giving you that mental edge especially in high pressure and stressful situations. I’ll Definitely be using this regularly in the future.

    BrainZyme (Professional) Brain Food Supplement (6 capsules sample pack)

    Outstanding 100% does what it's says on the tin

    Can feel a difference

    A good option for those days when you suffer brain fog and need to concentrate. Not too strong, no jitters but just able to focus and get on with stuff.

    that pill thing

    Pretty effective if taken in large doses. Felt really hungry after taking them though.

    Hi Tay, if you need something stronger, try BrainZyme Professional - you will find you need to take less capsules than BrainZyme Original.
    Great product!

    Loved this! its a bit more mellow than the Brainzyme Pro version, i would say take this if you need a long term effect over the day, if you need a quicker more energetic vibe go for the Brainzyme Pro, this is definatly good though, would recommend! :):):)


    Realmente funciona. Ya es la segunda vez que compro PRO y seguiré haciéndolo. Al fin algo que me quita el cansancio y me concentra. Recomendado


    Ordered Elite but Professional sample was better for me. Will order again.

    Philip Rush

    The product I have used so far is in the same criteria it has been an advert but lasts long for a time point view it's not long enough but it does the job.
    Thanks for excellent service and reliable communication.

    Superb Product

    I take the professional variety only 1 to 2 capsules (mainly due to cost) but without the actual capsule so just open it and mix it with plain water on empty stomach and it helps me focus better and get things done. One problem and main one is its cost so I take only as needed Mon to Fri. I tried Elite (top variety) which they sent a few for free as a sample BUT thats like a temporary mood enhancer so to get work done professional variety seems better for me.

    It’s really helping

    With this product now i am able to act on things and finish it. Highly recommended

    BrainZyme® Free Sample Pack (Amazon Loyalty Bonus)

    worked but not as i wanted

    It does work and makes you alert, you need to take it for a week (in my case)before noticing great effects, i wish they have better way than pills and they give more quantity , my memory recall was a bit better not something great but yeh thats it.

    Brain zyme

    I have used the pills on two occasions and they have worked perfectly, I would definitely recommend

    Great focus 100% Recommend

    I order brainzyme because I felt it's great combination of natural ingredients and wanted to put it to the test. I recently signed up for very intense course and I have to say my focus was great, even after end of the day after several hours of study.
    Starts working around 45min to 1hr after taking it. I wonder will results still be the same after couple of weeks of taking it. Definitely the product I would recommend.


    I was initially sceptical about these but having experienced some concentration/focus issues in work recently, coupled with the concern over future possibility of brain degeneration (family member with dementia), I thought I would give these a go.
    My first day of taking Brainzyme Pro, I noticed a singificant improvement in my attention span in work, I also did not need to have any energy drinks (even though they still leave me feeling like I’m falling asleep at my desk). I opted for Pro as I needed to see significant improvements.
    I felt alert and focused all day. I did top up with 2 pills at lunch time. I have a tendency to forget words to use but I felt an improvement in this area.
    I would definitely recommend them. Being honestly, I was initially put off by the cost, but I was very thankful when I received 2 sample backs (original and elite) which allowed me to try them without commiting to paying. I have to say, I felt just as great trying the Elite and have considered them for my next purchase. The handwritten “thank you” card was a lovely touch and 10% off my next order was also much appreciated :-). Customer service is fantastic and it is clear that Brainzyme are committed to seeing that each customer sees results. I had researched before I purchased and noticed one particular review where the customer didn’t feel they had helped. I seen that customer service contacted the customer to discuss and they realised why they hadn’t been working. That was a major selling point for me when I seen that! All round, wonderful product and a caring company.

    Helpful for focus and concentration

    I found at the beginning when taking supplements was its effect and how stroing it was. It does take a bit of time to kick in but It was very helpful in keeping me focused for several hours to finish off work and achieve my target goals. Will buy more of these in the coming future.

    Amazing product

    This was my 2nd purchase. Really works for my wife. Recommended !!

    Works like a charm!

    Initially, I was pretty sceptical that an all natural (non-chemical) supplement can have the effect it claimed to have as compared to other kinds of prescriptions that you can only have over-the-counter such as modafinil. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this supplement.

    I bought the Brainzyme Elite and i have used it a couple of times by the time i wrote this review. It takes about 45 minutes for the effect to kick in, but you dont feel a sudden “burst” in your ability to focus. Instead it was more like a steady and subtle climb, which I really appreciate. Took it in the morning and was enough to last me till the evening. Another great thing about this supplement is that it doesnt result in a crash, or at least I didnt feel that it did. People who drink a lot of coffee, like me, will notice a crash after awhile. I didnt feel that way, instead the effect just eases off slowly as the day progresses.

    All in all, I am very satisfied with the product. However, please remember to stay hydrated as it seems to make me feel pretty thirsty.

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