Natural Remedies for ADHD: The Ultimate Guide

Avery Walker - 15 August 2023

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In a world where technology reigns supreme, it’s easy to forget the power of natural remedies. Ancient wisdoms have been around for centuries and offer us an alternative means of managing symptoms of ADHD - something that is becoming increasingly important as our lives become more demanding and hectic. Let me take you through some holistic approaches to managing ADHD so that you can reclaim control over your life and gain true empowerment.

Having struggled with my own mental health since I was young, I’m passionate about helping others who are in similar situations. As someone living with ADHD, I understand how difficult it can be to manage day-to-day tasks without feeling overwhelmed or out of control. That’s why I’m committed to sharing what I’ve learnt on my journey towards better mental health – starting with these natural remedies for ADHD.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of treating ADHD symptoms through natural means such as diet and exercise. Plus, I'll give you my recommended solution for alleviating ADHD symptoms naturally.

Holistic approaches can make all the difference when it comes to managing ADHD or other mental health conditions. Personally, I saw a significant improvement in my quality of life once I started taking natural supplements alongside my ADHD medication, and I hope this will provide you with the information you need to help improve ADHD symptoms in your own life.


  • Understanding ADHD: What are the Symptoms And Causes?
  • Natural Remedies For ADHD: Holistic Approaches To Treating ADHD
  • Nutrition: How Can Diet Affect ADHD Symptoms?
  • Exercise: How to Treat ADHD With Movement
  • Brainzyme® FOCUS™: A Natural Solution For Improving Focus and Concentration
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Remedies For ADHD
  • Conclusion

Understanding ADHD: What are the Symptoms And Causes?

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a common condition that affects both children and adults. It’s characterised by difficulty with concentration, impulsivity and over-activity.

Although the exact cause of ADHD is unknown, it’s believed to be linked to genetics as well as environmental factors like stress and diet. That’s why treating ADHD holistically can help improve symptoms naturally - without relying on medication alone.

There are three types of ADHD; one type involves inattention, and another type involves hyperactivity-impulsivity. The third is a combination of the other two. Symptoms often include being easily distracted, having difficulty concentrating for long periods of time, feeling restless or fidgety in certain situations and making hasty decisions without considering potential consequences.

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In adults, these symptoms may manifest differently, such as procrastination, disorganisation or struggling to manage daily tasks at work or home.

Treating ADHD holistically means taking into account all aspects of health, including nutrition, lifestyle habits and emotional well-being, when looking for ways to reduce symptoms.

Making dietary changes such as reducing sugar intake can positively affect brain chemistry, while incorporating relaxation techniques into your day can also help reduce anxiety caused by living with adult ADHD. Natural remedies such as herbal treatments may also offer relief from some of the more difficult symptoms associated with this condition - offering an alternative way for individuals to take control of their own healing journey.

Natural Remedies For ADHD: Holistic Approaches To Treating ADHD

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to managing the condition, but there are a number of natural treatments and holistic approaches to health which can help.

For starters, studies suggest that physical exercise is important for improving brain function and reducing symptoms associated with ADHD.

Exercise helps release dopamine and serotonin in the body — two hormones related to concentration and focus. Behavioural therapy can also be helpful in teaching skills like impulse control or organisation.

Healthy diet modifications have been known to make a big difference too. Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids has been found to be effective in treating some of the core issues around attention deficit disorder.

Additionally, certain nutritional supplements such as magnesium, zinc, and iron may play a role in helping manage symptoms.

The key takeaway here is that by addressing psychological, behavioural, and dietary needs holistically, we can better manage our own bodies naturally and improve overall well-being!

For answers to more questions about natural remedies for ADHD, check out the frequently asked questions section.

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Nutrition: How Can Diet Affect ADHD Symptoms?

When it comes to managing the symptoms of ADHD, nutrition is key. The ADHD diet involves avoiding food additives and preservatives as well as processed foods in general.

Instead, focus on a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods such as fish, lean meats and legumes, complex carbohydrates like oats and whole grains, healthy fats from nuts, seeds and avocado, and plenty of fluids.

Iron supplementation, as well as adding certain vitamins, may also be beneficial for some individuals with ADHD.

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In addition to providing essential nutrients for brain health, certain fatty acids have been shown to improve focus – particularly omega 3s found in salmon, mackerel and sardines.

Eating regular meals throughout the day helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, which can help manage ADHD symptoms. And if you are having trouble getting your child to eat their greens or other nutritious items – try blending them up into a smoothie!

Nutrition plays an important role in achieving balance within our bodies — so take charge of your well-being today by nourishing yourself with clean eating habits that support mental clarity while reducing stress levels.

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Exercise: How to Treat ADHD With Movement

Exercise is like rocket fuel for our brains! It’s a fantastic way to boost brain power and better manage the symptoms of ADHD. Like a rollercoaster, it can increase dopamine levels as well as improve blood flow and oxygenation in the brain.

With regular physical activity, we can reap multiple therapeutic health benefits to reduce stress and enhance focus. Here are some ways exercise can help:

  • Brain Waves: Exercise helps regulate alpha and beta brain waves that affect alertness, attention span, impulsivity and hyperactivity in people with ADHD. This means improved concentration and mood regulation over time.
  • Dietary Patterns: Regular physical activity leads to healthier dietary patterns that include more vegetables and fruits, which have been linked to improved cognitive function among those with ADHD.
  • Green Space: Walking through green spaces or practising yoga outdoors can create an even deeper sense of connection between mind, body and spirit - something invaluable for managing long-term symptoms of ADHD.

So whether it’s running on a treadmill or taking a leisurely walk outside, exercise has immense potential when it comes to boosting brain power while helping us find balance from within.

The key is to make sure you’re getting enough movement throughout your day so that you feel energised yet relaxed - giving yourself permission to take care of your mental health should always be a top priority!

Brainzyme® FOCUS™: A Natural Solution For Improving Focus and Concentration

As someone who has been in your shoes, I understand wanting to turn to more natural product-derived treatments when it comes to treating your ADHD symptoms. That is why I recommend trying natural ADHD supplements as a natural remedy!

Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is a range of 100% plant-powered food supplements made up of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been carefully chosen for their ability to synergistically work together to support cognitive health, enhance mental clarity, and improve focus. These convenient and fast-acting capsules are also my choice for natural ADHD food supplements.

With three unique formulas, Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is ideal for improving ADHD-like symptoms without relying solely on pharmaceuticals. Its formulation is safe for both short-term and long-term use and can help you take back control of your life.

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The three formulas include Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™, which is the perfect formula for anyone who needs a strong focus and energy boost. After just 60 minutes, you'll notice a significant improvement in your concentration and motivation, lasting up to 8 hours.

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When I wanted to make the change away from stimulant medication, Brainzyme® FOCUS™ was just what I was looking for to clear away my brain fog and alleviate the core symptoms of my ADHD. And I am not the only one! Check out testimonies from other customers who have found relief.

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Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is a natural and effective solution for those looking to manage ADHD-like symptoms through a more holistic approach. Try the Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Starter Bundle today and experience the benefits for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Remedies For ADHD

Are natural remedies effective for ADHD?

Many natural remedies have shown promising results in managing ADHD symptoms. However, it's important to note that they are not a substitute for prescribed medication. It's always best to consult a healthcare professional before starting any alternative medicine.

Can natural remedies be used in conjunction with medication to treat ADHD?

Yes, natural remedies can be used alongside medication for ADHD. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your ADHD treatment plan.

How long does it take for natural treatments to work?

The time it takes for natural treatments to work varies from person to person. Some people may experience positive results within a few days, while others may take weeks or even months. It's important to be patient and consistent when trying natural remedies for ADHD.

Can ADHD be naturally cured?

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for ADHD at this time. However, natural treatments and therapies can help manage symptoms and improve overall well-being. With the right approach, individuals with ADHD can live a fulfilling life without letting ADHD hold them back.

What is the most effective treatment for ADHD in adults?

The most effective ADHD treatment in adults can vary from person to person. It often involves a combination of medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, and natural alternative treatments too. Working closely with a healthcare professional to develop a personalised treatment plan that addresses individual needs and goals is important. Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is a natural supplement that may be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for ADHD.

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While there is no cure for ADHD, natural remedies can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

As someone who has lived with ADHD my entire life and specialises in holistic health practices, I believe there are effective solutions for everyone out there – you just need to do your research, talk with professionals, and experiment with different treatment strategies, alternative therapies and approaches until you find something that works well.

That is why I always recommend what has worked for me, as it could work for you too!

Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is a natural solution for those looking to improve their focus and concentration. It's fast-acting, effective, safe to use, and a blend of scientifically proven natural ingredients to enhance cognitive function. With three formulas to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

And by ordering the Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Starter Bundle, today you can try them all to find the perfect formula to suit your needs.

Trust me: don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to managing symptoms of ADHD - but with patience, dedication, and experimentation, you will discover what natural treatment works best for you.

Avery Walker

Avery Walker is a professional journalist specializing in brain health and holistic approaches to everyday health concerns

Avery Walker

Avery Walker is a professional journalist specialising in brain health and holistic approaches to everyday health concerns. They regularly contribute tips, advice, and findings to the Brainzyme® blogs.

A digital nomad based in Inverness, Avery loves to travel and meet new people from all walks of life.

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