Brainzyme® Focus™: How to Manage Focus and Attention Issues

Ruth Kennedy  - 8 March 2024

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Brainzyme® Focus™ and adhd

Are you seeking a natural and effective way to improve your focus and attention? Brainzyme® FOCUS™ might just be the solution you've been searching for!

Maintaining focus and attention levels throughout the day can be challenging. But with supplements like Brainzyme® FOCUS™, individuals can take charge of their lives and pursue success on their terms.

These supplements utilise powerful ingredients known for their effectiveness in promoting mental clarity, productivity, and focus and have already helped many people just like yourself improve their ability to focus and have more energy to stay on task.

Brainzyme® FOCUS™ offers a safe and natural approach to maintaining focus. In this article, we'll delve into how these supplements work, their ingredients, and exactly how they benefit cognitive function.


  • What Is Brainzyme® FOCUS™?
  • How To Use Brainzyme® FOCUS™
  • Benefits Of Brainzyme® FOCUS™ for Cognitive Function
  • Testimonials: Customer Experiences with Brainzyme® FOCUS™
  • Conclusion

What Is Brainzyme® FOCUS™?

Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is a range of plant-powered supplements formulated to help individuals maintain focus and attention.

There are three different formulas, each designed to provide unique benefits.

The first formula is Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™, which contains a blend of natural ingredients that work together to provide a strong focus and energy boost with motivation and memory support. Taking Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™ improves your focus by helping you feel more motivated to ensure you get the most out of your day.

The second formula, Brainzyme® FOCUS ELITE™, can help relieve stress by providing you with focus and boosting your energy levels with positive mood, memory and brain health support. It also provides you with essential brain food (nutrients), ensuring that your brain works at its best capacity in the long term.

The third formula, Brainzyme® FOCUS ORIGINAL™, can give you calm focus and energy. It also improves your focus by helping you feel calm to ensure you get the most out of your day.


Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Ingredients

All three formulas contain the same core ingredients carefully chosen for their effectiveness and sustainability. These include guarana seed, which is a natural source of caffeine that can help improve focus, mental alertness, and cognitive function; l-theanine, an amino acid that is found in tea leaves and choline, an essential nutrient that helps support memory and cognitive performance.

Active Ingredients in the Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Formulas







    - Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT™) Blend

    - Guarana

    - Choline

    - Vitamins & Minerals

    - Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT™) Blend

    - Guarana

    - Choline

    - Tyrosine

    - Ginkgo

    - Vitamins & Minerals

    - Ginseng

    - Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT™) Blend

    - Ginkgo

    - Acidophilus

    - Guarana

    - Choline

    - Carnitine

    - Curcumin

    - Vitamins & Minerals

(You can find a more thorough list of scientific references for each ingredient used in the three Brainzyme® FOCUS™ formulas in the links below or on the Ingredients Page.)

These key ingredients work in synergy with other essential vitamins and minerals, herbs and plant extracts needed to maintain proper brain function. Some of these include ginkgo biloba, vitamin B complex, l-tyrosine and maca root, all of which are scientifically proven ingredients that help overall cognitive performance.

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How To Use Brainzyme® FOCUS™

To get the most out of these supplements, it's important to use them correctly. The recommended dosage for each is 1-2 capsules in the morning with water. It's important not to exceed the recommended dosage.

When it comes to timing, it's best to take any of the Brainzyme® FOCUS™ formulas earlier in the day and at least half an hour before a meal. Taking them on an empty stomach can also enhance their effects, allowing faster absorption into the bloodstream. If you find that taking them on an empty stomach is too much or you have a sensitive stomach, we suggest taking only one capsule after eating something small and low in protein.

woman taking brainzyme focus pro

It's important to note that Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. While it can certainly help boost cognitive function and productivity, it's still important to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet in order to maintain overall health and well-being.

Learn more about how to maximise your use of all three formulas by checking out the Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Starter Bundle, or take advantage and save time by using the quick buy function.

Benefits of Brainzyme® FOCUS™ for Cognitive Function

Individuals with focus and attention issues often struggle with managing their cognitive function and staying productive throughout the day. Brainzyme® FOCUS™ supplements can provide various benefits to help them stay on track and achieve their goals.

One of the key benefits of Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is that it enhances productivity. By increasing motivation and drive, these supplements can help individuals stay focused on their tasks and complete them efficiently. It can also help reduce brain fog, allowing individuals to accomplish more in less time.

natural food supplements

In addition to enhancing productivity and cognitive performance, Brainzyme® FOCUS™ (specifically Brainzyme® FOCUS ELITE™) can also help manage stress. Focus and attention issues can often lead to increased anxiety and a negative mood, which can further impact productivity. However, the natural ingredients in Brainzyme® FOCUS™ can help reduce these negative symptoms and boost your productivity.

By promoting relaxation, positive thinking and a sense of calm, these supplements can help individuals maintain focus and attention more effectively.

Another notable feature of Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is its compatibility with other supplements or prescriptions. These supplements have been found to have no harmful side effects and are non-addictive. This ensures that individuals can safely incorporate Brainzyme® FOCUS™ into their wellness routines without concerns about adverse interactions or addictive properties.


If you are unsure which Brainzyme® FOCUS™ formula would be best for you, you can check out our Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Starter Bundle to try all three!

Testimonials: Customer Experiences with Brainzyme® FOCUS™

We’ve heard it all before, natural solutions don’t work, but in fact many do and are scientifically proven to work. This revolutionary product has helped countless people maintain their focus and attention more effectively and regain control of their lives.But don’t just take our word for it; let’s hear what our customers say about using Brainzyme® FOCUS™!

Love the strong formula!

“I'm a nutritionist who specializes in ADHD and I love the ingredients in the strong formula. L-Tyrosine has been shown to improve cognition, and Theanine supports energy levels without the jitters. I also love to see that there is lots of B vitamins, as well as nutrients that support dopamine production.”

- Karley Alex


Very helpful supplement

“I started off with the Brainzyme® FOCUS ORIGINAL™ and it has helped with impulsivity, hyperactivity and helped me think more rationally. It has organised my brain to be in good working order just like everyone else's typical brain. It even made me feel more relaxed. I couldn't thank you enough for this lifesaver.”

- Rosalind Rimmer-Goddard



“I love taking brainzyme because it not only lets me focus, but it also motivates me to do more than one thing in a day. As someone who has ADHD, it is a great source for motivation, focus, supporting your mood and a lot more. It’s so healthy! I will hopefully keep taking brainzyme supplements as long as I can :)”

- Tasnim Hami


From managing daily tasks to staying organised, Brainzyme® FOCUS™ helps customers get more focus and improve their quality of life. No wonder many people are turning to this natural solution! With an effective blend of essential vitamins and minerals, herbs and amino acids, Brainzyme® FOCUS™ helps customers get the support they need.

Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is an especially popular choice for women suffering from focus and attention issues. Brainzyme® FOCUS™ can help to address these issues, allowing women to achieve better focus, energy, and overall mental performance.

Our Brainzyme® FOCUS™ supplements have helped thousands maintain focus and attention, and improve their cognition, concentration, and memory as well.

Everyone has different experiences with Brainzyme® FOCUS™, but the feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Our customers are benefitting from enhanced focus, more energy and greater overall well-being—and that makes us proud!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Be Used by Children?

A: Yes, Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is safe for children over the age of 10. We recommend starting children on Brainzyme® FOCUS ORIGINAL™.

Q: Is Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Vegan?

A: Yes, Brainzyme® Focus™ is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It contains no animal products.


Q: Can Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Be Taken Daily?

A: Yes, Brainzyme® FOCUS™ can be taken daily at the recommended dosage of 1-2 capsules. We recommend not taking it after 3pm to avoid disrupting your sleep schedule.

Q: How Quickly Will Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Take Effect?

A: Brainzyme® FOCUS™ begins to take effect and improve your focus and concentration within 60 minutes of taking one to two capsules.

Brainzyme Focus Pro is a great nootropic alternative

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  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • plant-powered,

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In conclusion, Brainzyme® FOCUS™ supplements are a natural and effective treatment for focus and attention. They have very minimal side effects, making them safe for both adults and children to take. Plus, the effects of Brainzyme® FOCUS™ are noticeable within an hour of taking them, which makes them an excellent choice for those seeking quick relief from their symptoms.

I personally recommend these products to all my clients who are struggling with Brainzyme® FOCUS™ supplements are easy to use, affordable, and plant-powered.

Ultimately, if you want to get back on track and regain control of your life and brain health, I strongly suggest ordering the Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Starter Bundle today. I’m confident that you won’t regret it!

Ruth Kennedy

Ruth Kennedy is a freelance life coach who, after being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, strives to help others with ADHD manage their symptoms in the best way possible

Ruth Kennedy

Ruth Kennedy is a freelance life coach who, after being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, strives to help others with ADHD manage their symptoms in the best way possible. Ruth takes Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™ daily and swears by it to help her stay focused and productive. She uses her experience as an ADHD life coach to contribute to the Brainzyme® blogs.

An American Expat living in Edinburgh, Ruth loves exploring the beautiful city and surrounding countryside with her husband and two dogs.

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*Customers have anecdotally expressed that Brainzyme® FOCUS™ products have helped with “ADHD-like symptoms"

*Mood claims are anecdotal.

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