Prepare to be Shocked: Tim Ferriss' Favourite Brain Enhancer is Tea

Prepare to be Shocked: Tim Ferriss' Favourite Brain Enhancer is Tea



Tim's Choice of Brain Enhancers

Yerba Mate, Tim's Brain-Enhancing Tea


- Our Favourite Natural Nootropic


This article will examine some habits of top leading entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss, that he details in a video.  In particular we will focus on the ways he 'enhances' his brain, as well as the natural nootropics that he uses to do so.

At the end of this Blog Article, we summarise and share our favourite natural nootropic.

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Tim's Choice of Brain Enhancers

Nootropics are everywhere. Amongst entrepreneurs in the United States they’re near-ubiquitous, and hundreds of successful people have espoused the benefits they feel from various brain enhancing substances. Tim Ferriss' brain is no exception - the leading author guided us through the cognitive enhancers he uses in a YouTube video[1]. However contrary to what you might expect from a self-described ‘human guinea pig’, Tim Ferriss doesn't use Adderall, Modafinil* or any other pharmaceutical 'smart drugs'.  Indeed, one of his favourite ways to help his mental performance is by drinking a very particular tea of South American origin. We’ll break down what it is and why it’s so helpful to Tim in the following few paragraphs!

tim ferriss yerba mate tea

Yerba Mate, Tim's Brain-Enhancing Tea

Pictured is a ‘gourd’ of yerba mate, complete with bombilla drinking straw. Mate is Tim Ferriss' brain-boosting tea - it's been consumed by South American peoples for hundreds of years, long before the arrival of Europeans to the continent. It’s been used for medicinal purposes throughout South American history, and has been the subject of numerous studies in contemporary times.

These studies were often undertaken to verify the medicinal potential of mate, and have frequently come back positive.  The tea has been found to contain a high amount of antioxidants, as well as substances like pantothenic acid and theophylline which have beneficial effects for the human body[2].  Tim Ferriss' tea of choice could be boosting his brain in other ways, too.

This is because mate has plenty of good effects on both body and mind. There is some evidence that mate might have antidepressant qualities, but this is largely speculative at the moment. More definitely, mate contains caffeine and choline, also present in BrainZyme supplements. These are two potent nootropics - caffeine, as you probably know, promotes alertness and helps to increase energy levels. Choline, on the other hand, is the precursor to acetylcholine, a vital neurotransmitter. Amongst regular consumers of ‘smart drugs’ like Adderall*, a source of choline is frequently included as many of these drugs rely on acetylcholine to produce their effects.

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Furthermore, the polyphenols present in yerba mate are believed to help protect neurons following seizures[3]. These neuroprotective effects might be another of the factors behind mate being perceived as an effective cognitive enhancer, and its past as a medicinal tea in South America.

But, there have been mixed reports over the efficacy of yerba mate as a way to increase mental performance. Some studies have found that there’s no discernible effect from consuming small amounts of mate[4], though many of the substances and compounds found in mate are acknowledged as having positive effects.

It might be that Tim Ferriss' favourite tea helps him in a less obvious way than its chemical composition. Ferriss clearly associates it with his past spent in Argentina, meaning that the tea may have some sentimental association in his mind that could help him relax. Furthermore, he describes in his video the importance of the method of consuming mate, detailing his method of steeping the leaves for a few minutes before drinking more, and repeating this while working.

This process might allow for Tim Ferris' brain to relax a little as he moves away from his computer to make a new cup of tea. It may be that the ritualisation and calmness associated with the tea-making process is supplementing the benefits he feels from the tea itself. Taking short breaks while working can ‘vastly improve focus’[5], meaning that a few minutes spent making a new cup of mate might be the key to the tea’s effectiveness.

We found Ferriss’ choice of brain enhancers very interesting. While there’s a perception that successful people like him might tend more towards a more intense, pharmaceutical cognitive enhancer, Ferriss bucks this idea. He acknowledges that there are short term benefits associated with these pharmaceuticals, but also long-term side effects, and has decided that they’re simply not worth the trouble. As a result, Tim Ferriss eschews Adderall* and other pharmaceuticals, and instead uses lower-impact cognitive enhancers. Perhaps the most unnatural item in his regime is ubiquinol, a reduced form of co-enzyme Q10 that’s found in many foods such as beef.

This aligns closely with our philosophy behind making BrainZyme: Using foods to produce natural, effective cognitive enhancers based in nutrition. BrainZyme’s ingredients are all food-quality, containing superfoods such as matcha and guarana, along with herbals, amino As, vitamins and minerals. 


As Ferriss' choices demonstrate, nutritional cognitive enhancers can often be the favoured option over their pharmaceutical counterparts.  Natural nootropics are generally safer than pharmaceutical 'smart drugs': indeed, food supplement cognitive enhancers tend to be perfectly safe if consumed in moderation.  Moreover, there’s frequently a lot of research done on the superfoods, herbs and amino acids a natural nootropic might contain as they’ve been around for a lot longer than smart drugs, and most food-supplement based cognitive enhancers are legal in the UK. This makes them much more dependable than study drugs.

Our Favourite Natural Nootropic

We believe in BrainZyme, one of the 'natural nootropic' cognitive enhancers. We believe there has been a scientifically rigorous approach taken to formulate it with a variety of superfood, herbal, amino A, vitamin and mineral ingredients.  In this case, 'natural nootropics' can be far more useful to your brain than pharmaceutical based ones.

In evaluating BrainZyme, we like the fact that it can actually help support your concentration and motivation naturally - and it's also a great plus for us that it's made in the UK, safe, legal and affordable (less than 1/2 the price of a synthetic nootropic).  Both media reviews and customer reviews agree that BrainZyme is a great way to help your cognitive performance.

We personally all have tried BrainZyme and found it to be excellent for improving concentration, motivation, mental energy levels - and as such we think it might be the best 'natural nootropic/smart pill' in 2018.

However, we’d always encourage you to do your own research, and find what works for you personally.


Please note, this is a blog post is for educational and informational purposes. It does not constitute medical advice.  You should always speak to your Doctor first if you have any medical concerns.









* = Important note - whilst BrainZyme is scientifically proven to support concentration and mental performance, it is not a replacement for a good diet, moderate exercise or sleep. BrainZyme is also not a drug, medicine or pharmaceutical. It is a natural-sourced, vegan food supplement with ingredients that are scientifically proven to support cognition, concentration, mental performance and reduction of tiredness. You should always consult with your Doctor if you require medical attention.

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