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Concentration pills


- What are concentration pills?

Why do people use concentration pills?

- How do concentration pills work?

- Where to get concentration pills?



Concentration pills have been growing in popularity over the last few years, both in universities and workplaces. However, the side-effects that come from synthetic/pharmaceutical nootropics (also known as brain-enhancing drugs), such as Modafinil and Adderall, can be too much for some people.

The good news is that there are safe and effective over the counter concentration and motivation pills available for studying, work or any other reason.

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What are concentration pills? 

Is there a demand from British customers for an effective, ethical and natural supplement for concentration that works quickly? Definitely. ‘Brain supplementation’ is a huge market, and is only set to get bigger. 

There is a growing demand for a fast-acting pill that improves concentration and motivation, an idea which has been getting plenty of interest from not only the people of the UK but globally.

These pills help people focus and concentrate on their tasks better so that they can get more done, be it at university or at work.

There are dozens of supplements for concentration and motivation available, but many are ineffective, unsafe or illegal. However, that hasn't stopped people from buying and trying these supplements.

Why do people use concentration pills?

Being motivated is something we all strive for; everyone wants to do more, either while working or studying. Moreover, as today’s complicated world makes it increasingly difficult to focus, a method of enhancing concentration could be helpful for many people.   

Many people are willing to take a supplement for concentration and motivation to help them improve these mental skills.

Imagine having the drive to:

  • Get to the gym more often - getting the body you want, and performing at your physical peak.
  • Get more studying done - getting the grades you want, to help you excel in school or university.
    • Excel at work - getting better opportunities at work, to impress your manager and climb the career ladder.
  • Push yourself further in long meetings, shifts and study sessions - getting ahead of the game in work or school.

over the counter concentration supplements

How do concentration pills work?

Most synthetic pills that people use to improve their concentration work on the neurotransmitter dopamine. It is often referred to as the ‘pleasure neurotransmitter’, as it is associated with pleasant feelings.

By boosting dopamine, concentration pills can make working or studying feel more pleasurable. This will make help you focus better on your tasks.

Where to get concentration pills?

As most pharmaceutical concentration pills are illegal without a prescription in the UK, people tend to buy them from online pharmacies that operate abroad. This can be very expensive, not to mention that there are legal ramifications if you are caught in possession of these drugs without a prescription.

This is why we would recommend looking into naturally-sourced concentration pills. You can get them over the counter without a prescription, they are fully legal and often much cheaper than pharmaceuticals. Natural supplements that boost concentration are also easily available to purchase online from legitimate websites.

Quick Tip: BrainZyme Focus Pro works as a great alternative to Adderall
A safe, natural and fully legal UK alternative such as Brainzyme® Focus Pro works on the same pathway as pharmaceutical concentration pills (and thus has similar results with fewer side effects).


Using a concentration pill could have numerous benefits for your brain. It can help you get ahead with extra focus and drive, though it's important to pick a concentration pill that's effective, safe and legal.

This is because many nootropics that help with concentration and motivation lack these qualities: they may not work or give you side effects that ruin your productivity, and many nootropics for concentration are illegal 'smart drugs', meaning they may have legal consequences for possession.

As stated above, natural alternatives to concentration pills are available. You can read more about why Brainzyme Focus Pro is the best concentration pill in the UK here.

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  • No we do not use synthetic pharmaceuticals, however we use natural-sourced ingredients in our formulas!

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