Clear Brain Fog
In 60 Minutes

With Brainzyme® Focus Pro™

  • Strong Formula
  • Scientifically Proven
  • 100% Plant Powered
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Why Choose Brainzyme?


Typical results seen in 45-60 minutes.


One supplement, two capsules - job done!


100% plant powered with 0% additives.


Slim and discreet packaging.

Brain fog is an umbrella term that includes: poor focus and concentration, memory issues, low motivation and energy, muddled thoughts and lack of clarity.

Brain fog can be caused by aging, illness, stress, diet, lifestyle and menopause factors. It affects between 28-34% of adults in 2021, according to some recent studies.

Brainzyme Focus Pro is a fast, easy, healthy and convenient solution to Brain Fog.

Brainzyme Focus Pro works quickly with its powerful nutrient formula, combining SIX different supplements into ONE - including Ginkgo Biloba, Tyrosine, Theanine, Choline, Guarana, Vitamins and Minerals.

It’s the perfect supplement for clearing brain fog!

Try it today with our generous 365-day guarantee and free shipping options.

Brainzyme® Focus Pro™
Brainzyme® Focus Pro™
Brainzyme® Focus Pro™
Brainzyme® Focus Pro™
Brainzyme® Focus Pro™
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Brainzyme® Focus Pro™

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An advanced, 100% plant-powered, brain supplement with ingredients that are scientifically proven to relieve you from brain fog by providing you with a strong focus and energy boost as well as  motivation and memory support. Think clearer and get more done with Brainzyme® Focus Pro™.

  • Brain fog relief
  • Focus & concentration
  • 8-hour energy
  • Motivated mood support*
  • Memory support
  • £0.97 per standard serving

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Customer Reviews

Based on 576 reviews
Andrew Price

Works very well

Focus Pro

This supplement helps me massively both physically and mentally.
Outstanding stuff and I will be a lifelong customer without a doubt.

San Gilmartin
Quick delivery!

Quick and fast delivery! 👍🏼 And I like buying direct from supplier and not via Amazon!

Sally C.
Almost Perfect

I took the quiz that suggested Focus Pro would be the best supplement to help me with my fatigue, motivation and focus. While I did experience more motivation and focus, the energy wasn't as effective. I took two capsules on an empty stomach with 8oz of water and waited 30 mins to consume anything. I never felt them "kick in" energy wise. I felt like I had more will power to get going, but not the energy I was expecting to make it easier to get going if you know what I mean. Overall, I am happy with the motivation and focus. Maybe I'll try one of the other options to see if I can fell the energy boost.

Amanda Roome

I’ve been struggling with executive dysfunction and chronic fatigue for years and after the birth of my second daughter I have been struggling with PND. This stuff is amazing, gives me the energy and motivation I need for the day and boosts my mood, I have far less bad days thanks to Brainzyme. Slowly tapering of my PND meds under the guidance of my GP now, for anyone else who may read my review, please consult your GP first, don’t adjust your medication on the basis of a stranger’s experience on the internet. It’s worth a try but be safe with it :)


Fast Acting

Typical results in 60 minutes after taking 2 capsules with a large glass of water.


Consume one supplement instead of six, saving between 43-59% of costs (plus the time savings too).

Healthy Powerful Formula

100% plant powered capsules with 0% additives deliver powerful nutrients that support the brain.

100% Plant-Powered Ingredients

Brainzyme Focus Pro's advanced formula contains plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that are scientifically proven to support concentration, cognition, energy, memory and mental performance.

All Brainzyme® supplements are made in the UK with British safety standards (British Department of Health & EFSA compliance).

Our customer service promise


UK: Free Standard shipping for all orders - Tracked and Next Working Day options.
International: Free Standard Airmail shipping on orders over £40 / $53 / 45€ - all orders Tracked and/or Signed For.


We are confident you'll love Brainzyme as much as we do, which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 365 days so that you can try our products completely risk-free.


Our highly-trained customer support team is on hand to chat via phone, email, live chat or social media to guide you through your Brainzyme experience.

About Brainzyme

 We are a leading British brain food supplement specialist. 

By specialising in one area, we are able to research, evaluate and manufacture the best brain food supplements for our customers. We are supported by an innovation grant awarded by Scottish Enterprise, a public body of the Scottish Government.

Brainzyme featured in the media

Brainzyme [is] aimed at helping people who want to think more clearly and be more focused.

The most noticeable effect, even on the first day of taking [Brainzyme], was the alleviation of my mid-afternoon slump.

A natural brain enhancer aimed at providing optimum nutrition to the brain.

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*Mood claims are anecdotal. 100% plant-powered refers to the main active ingredients.

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