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A Quick Guide to Curing Brain Fog: Supplements for a Clear Head

A Quick Guide to Curing Brain Fog: Supplements for a Clear Head

This blog has been adapted from one of our videos on this subject. Scroll down to read the text version or alternatively, watch the video.

Do you have a go-to brain fog cure? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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Watch: Cure Brain Fog Easily With BrainZyme

Do you suffer from brain fog?

Using supplements to cure brain fog

If so, you are in the right place!

My name is James and I have tried every method to banish brain fog over the course of the last five years. I've done the research so that you don't have to.

I'm about to tell you all you need to know about brain fog. Later on in this article, I will share with you my favourite method of curing brain fog and why. But before then, it is important to know what exactly is brain fog?

One Doctor, Dr Christopher L. Calapai defined brain fog as "a decrease in focus, concentration, memory, alertness and word retrieval".

According to Dr Calapai, over 30% of his patients have claimed to have had brain fog at some point. But I'm sure each and every one of us has suffered from brain fog at least once in our lives.

What are the causes of brain fog?

  • A symptom of a larger issue (the worst-case scenario).
  • Gluten intolerance.
  • Inflammation.
  • Excess sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol.
  • Hormonal fluctuations.
  • Sleep deficiency.
  • Vitamin, mineral or other nutrient deficiency (most common).

To be clear - I am not a Doctor and this article (and video) should not constitute as medical advice.

If you are suffering from brain fog, I'd recommend you to go see a doctor as it could be caused by an underlying issue.

What is the best way to cure brain fog?

This is the question I get asked most often from friends, family and colleagues. I'm not going to tell you to eat a more balanced diet or exercise more as every other blog will.

Instead, I'm going to share with you my go-to brain fog fix. Something which is great value for money, effective, safe and legal. Something that can banish your brain fog in under an hour.

That method is supplementing natural nootropics.

A Nootropic is defined as a substance “used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions”.

Natural nootropics are the easiest way to deliver enhanced brain nutrition - vitamins such as B Vitamins and herbals such as Panax Ginseng have been shown to be helpful at removing brain fog.

An easier way to envision natural nootropics is by calling it brain nutrition, as you are essentially feeding your brain everything it needs and more to function at its optimal level.

Anyone who feels like they are lacking in concentration, mental performance or energy can benefit from natural nootropics. Natural nootropics can help maintain your general health and brain health.

Not all natural nootropics are the same. The formulas vary wildly from company to company. Speaking as someone who has tried them all, the best by a mile, in my opinion, is BrainZyme®. I will tell you why shortly.

A student benefiting from a clear head and heightened concentration.

A busy student benefitting from the clear head and heightened concentration that BrainZyme provides.

BrainZyme is manufactured by Edinburgh-based Better Nutritional Science and is supported by an innovation grant from the Scottish Government.

BrainZyme was the first brain supplement specialist in the UK, and the first company legally able to call their products 'cognitive enhancers' according to the MHRA. By specialising in one area, they are better able to research, evaluate and produce the best natural nootropics on the market.

BrainZyme is scientifically proven to support mental performance, concentration, memory, and energy levels.

All this - and it's entirely made from vegan, naturally-sourced ingredients.

They have taken the latest cutting-edge research in the field of nutrition, and only pick the highest quality ingredients which are backed by real science.


The BrainZyme range. By strategically developing three products, BrainZyme has ensured that there will always be a supplement to fit your specific needs.

The BrainZyme product range contains three different natural nootropics, ensuring that there will be one to fit your specific needs. I will explain more about the differences between the products later.

Common questions about BrainZyme®.

Why choose BrainZyme®?

BrainZyme can support your ability to think clearer, concentrate better and in most cases be better motivated and have more energy.

BrainZyme is also extremely good value for money. The table below shows BrainZyme compared with two leading competitors. 

Brand Price
Alpha Brain From £26.57 for 30 capsules.
BrainZyme From £10-£26 for 30 capsules.
Optimind From £45.63 for 32 capsules.

Although BrainZyme costs a bit less, they don't skimp on the quality or quantity of their ingredients. It still contains more active ingredients than both of these other brands.

How long will BrainZyme take to Work?

You can feel the effects of BrainZyme within the first hour after taking the capsules.

Is It Legal?

Yes! All of BrainZyme's ingredients are naturally-sourced, legal and safe.

They are fully compliant with the statutory regulations from 6 government agencies across the UK and EU.

What effects should I expect whilst taking BrainZyme?

Whilst tangible, the effects of BrainZyme are ‘subtle’, not 'sudden'. Typically you will be able to concentrate more, be better motivated and “get more done”.

A lot of customers report that BrainZyme has left them feeling calm, focused and energised. If you would like to read more reviews, please click here.

Are there any side effects?

The only thing really reported is feeling more thirsty, which is easily negated by drinking more water.

Is BrainZyme suitable for vegans?

Yes! BrainZyme is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free and sugar-free and environmentally friendly.

You mentioned there is a range of three different products. What are the differences?

BrainZyme® Original
 (blue) Is a great 'general-purpose' (milder) natural nootropic, providing concentration, motivation & energy. Price: £18.00 / 1 month (60 caps)

BrainZyme® Professional (grey) helps you perform under pressure, and is a (stronger) natural nootropic supporting concentration, motivation, energy and memory support. Price: £29.00 / 1 month (60 caps)

BrainZyme® Elite (pink) is something you could take over a longer period to support: concentration, energy, a positive mood lift and memory support. Price: £47.00 / (60 caps)

BrainZyme® Elite also contains probiotics AND a full multi-vitamin, meaning it doesn’t only look after your brain health, but your gut health and general health too.

My verdict: If you are looking to reduce brain fog then opt for BrainZyme Elite due to the ingredients of B Vitamins and Panax Ginseng. However, all of BrainZyme's products will remove brain fog.


It is our belief that BrainZyme® is the best natural nootropic currently on the market anywhere in the world.

Watch: Reasons to Choose BrainZyme®.

There are four main reasons why we think this. BrainZyme is effective, safe, legal and great value for money.

BrainZyme is effective

Watch: BrainZyme® Customer Review Compilation Video

BrainZyme was featured in Forbes Magazine "[BrainZyme is] aimed at helping people who want to think more clearly and be more focused and less distracted, including students, sportspeople, and working professionals. "
BrainZyme was featured by The Times. “BrainZyme, a “natural nootropic” … The most noticeable effect, even on the first day of taking [BrainZyme], was the alleviation of my mid-afternoon slump …"
BrainZyme was featured in Health and Fitness Magazine "... a new raft of natural brain enhancers aimed at providing optimum nutrition to the brain, while giving an immediate lift in cognitive function, has arrived.”

BrainZyme is safe

  • Only uses naturally-sourced and vegan ingredients that have had a long history of scientific study.
  • Excellent customer support team on hand to guide you through the right dosage, and how to make the most out of BrainZyme®.
  • Our testing is also safe - we do not test on animals and are completely cruelty-free.

    BrainZyme is completely legal

    • All of BrainZyme's products are completely legal around the world.
    • Completely safe for competitors. BrainZyme offers Informed-Sport batch testing (the most intense lab testing available anywhere in the world: guaranteed 100% safe for high-performance World Anti-Doping Agency use).

    BrainZyme is great value for money

    • Starting at 33p per capsule - much cheaper and more effective than a daily cup of coffee, other supplements or pharmaceutical study drugs.
    • Save money - with our value packs you can save extra money.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you are not happy with BrainZyme for whatever reason, you can return them to us for a full refund.

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    • HI Lucy,

      Good question! Our supplements work in under one hour, but the effects do grow with use.

      You should be able to think clearer in under one hour though.

      I hope this helps :)

      Robert (Mod) on

    • How long do you have to take brainzyme before it’ll help with brain fog?

      Lucy on

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