Biohacking With Natural Nootropics

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Biohacking With Natural Nootropics

Biohacking With Natural Nootropics


- Introduction to Biohacking

- Biohacking With Natural Nootropics

- Conclusion & Summary of Biohacking

- Our Favourite Natural Nootropic

Introduction to Biohacking

This article will address the new phenomenon of ‘biohacking’ with natural nootropics or brain supplements.  It will cover using ‘natural nootropics’ to increase your cognitive performance, concentration and motivation, among other areas.

At the end of this article, we will summarise and share our favourite natural nootropic.

Biohacking With Natural Nootropics

Biohacking is a very new field of science. There’s lots of drugs that biohackers use as ‘nootropics’ to hack their brains, but they can often have side effects. There are mixed reviews, and there are plenty of accounts of bad side-effects from using ‘smart drugs’.

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At the same time, there is a growing need for people to concentrate and remain on-task for longer, as work or study become more intense. This is why natural nootropics or natural brain supplements can be a great resource for biohackers,  particularly people who want to get into biohacking while avoiding the risks of using pharmaceuticals. They use superfoods, herbals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to get the same kind of effect as a ‘smart drug’. 

Chief amongst natural nootropics is BrainZyme. It’s the first of its kind in the UK, using natural and vegan ingredients - superfoods, herbals, Amino Acids like Matcha tea, Guarana, Choline, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, vitamins and minerals to give a nutritional boost to your body that will help you concentrate.

Biohackers may particularly be interested in BrainZyme Professional, which is designed for ‘high-pressure’ use. Many people turn to biohacking as a response to pressure - such as intense study or work - so BrainZyme can be highly useful for someone in such a situation.

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BrainZyme’s ingredients are well researched, and BrainZyme’s overall formula is designed in such a way to capitalise on nootropic effects: Matcha tea, Guarana, Choline and Ginkgo Biloba are all acknowledged as Nootropics, and have been used by people as ways to hack their brains for years.

BrainZyme Professional also includes L-Tyrosine, which helps with pressure as it helps the brain boost dopamine. Biohackers might see it as ‘herbal Adderall’ in some ways, as the Tyrosine included in BrainZyme means both products increase dopamine - BrainZyme is just more natural. Tyrosine is also the subject of a significant amount of research, which is available online.

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Health-conscious biohackers may also be interested in what BrainZyme doesn’t contain. It’s vegan, GMO free, gluten free, allergen free and cruelty free. As it contains no allergens, drugs or animal products, it should be suitable for almost anybody to try on their biohacking journey. BrainZyme is also legal in the UK, since it uses ingredients that aren’t banned by the British government, meaning you won’t run into legal problems or offshore pharmacies selling it.

BrainZyme is priced so that anyone - hardcore biohacker or not - can afford it. Professional is £15.95 for 30 capsules, which translates to 10 or 15 doses. BrainZyme Elite, a nootropic designed to hack your brain for a mood boost, costs £25.95, and BrainZyme Original is £9.95 for a milder, general-purpose biohacking tool.

The only caveat that a biohacker trying BrainZyme should be aware of is that BrainZyme should be taken on an empty stomach - 45 minutes before or 90 minutes after food.

It’s also strongly recommended that anyone who uses BrainZyme increases their water intake, as its effects can dehydrate the body slightly.

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Mentioning its effects, BrainZyme can significantly boost your concentration, motivation and productivity. It’s very effective for professionals, athletes, and students - BrainZyme Professional is particularly effective, as it helps to keep students’ stamina high and lets them work for as long as possible.

Reports indicate that while all these benefits are forthcoming from taking BrainZyme, it’s quite common for people who use it not to ‘feel’ anything. Often, there’s no tangible effect, no restlessness and no jitters - something many biohackers may be wary of, as intense pharmaceuticals can cause these sorts of side effects. With BrainZyme, you generally just became very interested in what you are doing, and feel good about continuing to work or study.

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These effects typically last for 4-6 hours, though reports indicate it can be longer. Moreover, in comparison with many drugs or brain supplements biohackers might use, BrainZyme works quickly: most people who use it report an increase to their concentration and productivity within an hour of taking it.

BrainZyme can also be used consistently, with no risk of a tolerance forming. This lowers the need for biohackers to ‘cycle’ on and off the supplements, though it is recommended to take occasional days off. And, an important thing to note is that BrainZyme doesn’t precipitate a ‘crash’ from its use, even over longer periods of time, and it doesn’t keep you from sleeping.


BrainZyme is something more than a standard caffeine tablet. A pure caffeine supplement often doesn’t cause the same kind of motivation and will to work effects as BrainZyme does, which may make it particularly interesting to a biohacker seeking a way to boost their productivity significantly.

Conclusion & Summary of Biohacking

Overall, BrainZyme has great potential as a new resource for biohackers looking for a new, natural way to boost their brainpower. BrainZyme is a great way to keep your mind on task, and get through work or studies. It has very few side effects, aside from increased thirst, meaning biohackers who want a low-impact, high-return supplement would be well-served by BrainZyme.

Our Favourite Natural Nootropic

We would rate BrainZyme very highly for biohackers, and would definitely suggest it to anyone who wanted to study harder, or ‘hack’ their brain. If you are looking for short-cuts to do better, then a natural nootropic like BrainZyme could be very helpful.

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BrainZyme’s high effectiveness, scientific formulation, natural ingredients and very positive reviews mean that any biohacker should consider investing in it if they want a way to improve their work or studies significantly. It is almost devoid of side-effects, and would make a sound addition to any biohacker’s repertoire.  Both media reviews and customer reviews agree that BrainZyme is a great way to help your cognitive performance.

We personally have tried BrainZyme, and found it to be excellent for improving concentration, motivation*, mental energy levels - and as such we think it might be the best 'natural nootropic/smart pill' in 2018.

However, we’d always encourage you to do your own research, and find what works for you personally.

* = Anecdotally, the improved concentration from BrainZyme enables increased motivation.

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