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BrainZyme Product Reviews

Guy Learmonth Reviews BrainZyme

Guy Learmonth BrainZyme Review:
"Being an athlete, I'm naturally a bit skeptical with all supplements that I put into my body but with BrainZyme I've found to be an incredible food supplement for training, racing and all aspects of my life away from the track. Races at the highest of levels come down to fine margins, winning or losing, medalling or not, can come down to hundredths of seconds and BrainZyme is helping provide me with that natural cognitive enhancer to gain that mental edge over my rivals.
The power of the mind is widely overlooked when performing, but I truly believe winning and losing is determined weeks before anyone steps out onto the track and that is why I am bringing BrainZyme into my everyday life, to improve my mental performance, concentration and alertness in training on a daily basis so that come race day, I am 100% mentally as well as physically ready. 'Get smart, get more done!'" - Guy Learmonth 

Top Sante Review BrainZyme
Top Santé Features BrainZyme (Publication Date 28 December 2017)
"New Memory and Focus Booster
Stay on top of festive planning, diary dates and all your other tasks with a nutrient combo designed to optimise your brain. New BrainZyme (£9.95, is an all-natural blend of energising matcha green tea, guarana and B vitamins, along with iron, zinc, iodine and the nutrient choline, which has been shown to help support brain and nerve function." - Top Santé 

Christine Bailey reviews BrainZyme
Christine Bailey (MSc MIFM MBANT CNHC PGCE), award-winning nutritional therapist, chef, author and broadcaster has also created a video called "New Year, New Brain", which includes general tips on how diet can improve your brain.  She stated, 
“Now, if you are wanting to improve your focus and concentration, then why not consider a natural food supplement?   This is BrainZyme, [it] contains a range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients known to help with focus and concentration, and with energizing our body and our brain.”

Christine has over 18 years of experience in the field, so she knows her stuff!   She’s a nutrition expert on Sky News, and has appeared on the BBC in The Truth About Stress, & The Truth About Sugar.  She’s also the author of over 13 recipes and functional nutrition books (Including The Brain Boost Diet, releasing this month!)

Kirsty Gilmour Reviews BrainZyme
Kirsty Gilmour BrainZyme Review: “I used [BrainZyme] during a couple of my matches at the recent Scottish Open tournament. I thought they worked really well! I felt my eyes were able to focus on the shuttle better and my concentration was better for longer. I've been using the Professional capsules and I think they work a treat!” - Kirsty Gilmour

Health & Fitness Magazine Features BrainZyme
Health & Fitness Magazine Features BrainZyme
(Publication 14 Feb 2018):

“GET SMART -Need a sudden boost of brain power? There could be a pill for that -  a new raft of natural brain enhancers aimed at providing optimum nutrition to the brain, while giving an immediate lift in cognitive function, has arrived.  

BrainZyme starts to work within an hour. It contains matcha green tea (rich in theanine, an amino acid that calms and focuses the mind), guarana, ginkgo leaf extract, choline, l-tyrosine, an amino acid that increases dopamine levels in the brain, helping you feel motivated and assertive, plus 11 vitamins and minerals.”

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*Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from person to person.
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    A. General Purpose?
    Do you need a 'general-purpose' brain supplement providing concentration & motivation?
    Try BrainZyme Original. 

    B. Under Pressure?

    Do you need something to help you perform under pressure, providing stronger concentration & motivation?
    Try BrainZyme Professional.

    C. Longer Term?

    Do you need something you could take over a longer period, providing concentration & a positive mood lift?
    Try BrainZyme Elite.
    (Not suitable for hypertensive or hyperactive customers)

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    Written Reviews of BrainZyme* (from Google Reviews/ Trustpilot Reviews):

    Guido van Oosten: I am amazed by the results so far.*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 18/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I've been using the BrainZyme Professional product now for about a week and I am amazed by the results so far. It really allows me to stay focused, mantain my mental clarity throughout the day and reduces any "brain fog". Personally I would never have expected that such a natural product produces these kinds of results for me. Cheers

    KTT: This actually works*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 17/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Good product I've been taking it a month now and can feel the difference already, I found myself to be more alert and focus my memory also has improved.

    Harry Price: I used the Brainzyme Professional throughout my last batch of exams.*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 17/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I used the Brainzyme Professional throughout my last batch of exams. Although I was initially sceptical about the potential benefits of such a product I actually found that it significantly improved my concentration & memory recall. I will definitely be getting more, and would highly recommend it to my friends.

    OPA: Like the "Elite" upgrade*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 14/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I have tried earlier Brainzyme supplement version and enjoyed it greatly.
    I decided to try the new "Elite" supplement as soon as I saw it. I feel more energised when take the supplement. Not sure if this is something that I imagine to my self just because this pack has "Elite" word on it, but it seems that this supplement version starts working quicker than previous one and I feel slight mood improvement when taking it.
    Either way I feel great.
    Would recommend

    Giuseppe A.: Recommended*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 13/December/2017]

    ★★★★★ (5/5) I saw a review on YouTube about brainzyme and even if I wasn't sure about it, I decided to give it a try. I must say that they have been really helpful. I had to study for a test and thanks to those capsules I could stay focused for hours. I didn't experience any negative effects, no headache whatsoever. Thumbs up!

    Alessandro Catania: A must have for all Uni students*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 13/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Exam Period is coming up and this is what I need for that little bit of extra concentration. I've heard of drugs that give you more stamina for studying but then keep you up for 3 days. This has 100% natural ingredients and as I am always skeptical about what I eat I looked up each ingredient to check if it was safe. Really satisfied with this product as it has really helped to improve my studying efficiency. Excellent product and I would definitely recommend it.

    Meri H: A job hunter’s best friend*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 12/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Having been perusing the job market for a few months, I’ve had my fair share of interviews. I always feel a bit on edge and nervy before them, especially if it’s for an important position or something I’d really like to go for. A friend of mine tried BrainZyme Original and told me about it, so I looked into their site; from there I saw Professional, and thought it could help.
    And help it did, I’ve barely felt flustered when chatting with recruitment officers, company heads and anyone in between! I’m way more composed when under duress if I take a couple of Professionals beforehand.

    Claudiu M: Works great, after couple of days of taking this pills*

    [originally reviewed at Amazon 11/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Works great,after couple of days of taking this pills,I have a better feeling and I can concentrate more at work,and I’m less tiered.till now everything looks fine.recommend!

    Tim Chapman: Glad I listened to the reviews*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 07/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) My background: Uni student, Previously only had caffeine as a supplement, either in coffee or as tablets
    This stuff is great, been going through a period of poor sleep for finishing a project, the kind of thing that caffeine isn't going to help actually get work done. here comes BrainZyme, been using them for just over a week, not daily but most mornings, a time that I typically get distracted and become unproductive. I can really tell the difference, I'm not over energised, but my mind settles and I get down to work.
    Each table only has ~47mg of caffeine (less than cuppa tea) so I haven't had any issues with feeling over tired and worn out late in the day, which I do find with having multiple cups of coffee to keep going.
    Super pleased I picked these up, will be getting more when the current lot runs out

    Meerkat: BrainZyme makes you feel like limitless!*

    [originally reviewed at Amazon 05/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) it clearly works, I normally use it when I have exams nearby so I focus on lectures and test it works best if I take it on empty stomach or 90 minutes after breakfast and it kicks in your brain, sometimes you don't notice but it surely works and sometimes you will become like a scientist and solve anything or understand anything and you will not feel confuse.

    OPA: More energy from day 1*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 03/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I got those for my big test on Monday and started taking them several days in advance.
    I felt more energy from day one and can actually see how I get more things done in one day. I noticed that I played badminton better this week, as if I get more endurance. I am not sure if this is connected with me taking the new supplements, but it was great nevertheless.
    Originally I only wanted to stop taking them after "the big day", but now I decided to keep taking them instead of my regular multivitamins and see where it takes me in the long run.

    Brekhna Faheem: Actually working ;)))))))*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 03/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Before ordering I was not very convinced whether they are going to have an effect but after reading its reviews I decided to give it a go.
    As a PHD I need to work long hours which needs focus n concentration. I started using them with not much hope but am surprised with its results they are actually working:)))) I take them one In afternoon everyday when I am a bit tired out of my work but amazingly it keeps me going. I am very happy and will continue its use
    I recommend this to those who wants to work with real energy n concentration for their work.

    Atle Sebastian: I used the product for two weeks*
    [originally reviewed at TrustPilot 02/December/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I used the product for two weeks, one capsule a day in the morning, and i experienced a boost in energy and focus.

    Ross Brown: BrainZyme*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 29/November/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) As a regular nootropic user, I was initially a little indifferent after trying the Brainzyme original. However, having given the Brainzyme professional a go I feel far more confident to say this is great product to enhance focus, creativity and sharpness. I am particularly impressed by the all natural ingredients list. I've had some contact with a couple of the guys from Brainzyme and found each of them friendly and helpful, so i definitely advise one and all to show this UK based producer of natural smart drugs the support they deserve!

    Amazon Customer: Five Stars*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 28/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) It does feel like you can concentrate easier. Sometimes takes more time to kick in.

    Amazon_Customer: This supplement was recommended by a friend and I have taken this for ...*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 28/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) This supplement was recommended by a friend and I have taken this for over a week now. I have noticed more clarity of thought and enhanced mental focus on doing tasks. Moreover, it releases smoother effects. I can work longer as I have more energy and more alert. I have not observed any bad side effects of taking this supplement. Overall, I would say this is a good food supplement to support mental performance and reduce tiredness.

    Sypske: Definitely recommended*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 28/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I work in a science, data analytics field and I was very curious to try this product as sometimes it was difficult to concentrate. I can admit I was suspicious at first and only started with the lowest recommended dose. However I have noticed an increasi in productivity, concentration and an actual willingness to do the work.
    Besides it also.makes you drink a glass of water so reminda to keep hydrated as well. Verty happy with these capsules and I hope I can keep the motivation and the productivity up.

    Ahtasham arshad: Magic pills for clear thinking*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 28/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) this has definitely helped me in concentrating a lot better. I believe it works brilliantly in building my focus. I feel my brain is more alert and I have been able to retain more information. My brother introduced this product to me and I had to come back to buy more. The tablets are easy to swallow and do not cause any discomfort

    Gabriela: As I had just got a new opportunity in my job and had changed shifts this product definitely helped me to go through tiredness and also to focus better in the early hours of the day*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 27/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I take multivitamins for a while and I notice the difference they can make in our lives.
    Being trying this product for a couple of weeks now and I can say it absolutely surprised me!
    Used to take it first thing in the morning, before breakfast. As I had just got a new opportunity in my job and had changed shifts this product definitely helped me to go through tiredness and also to focus better in the early hours of the day.
    I could realise it also helped my vision. As My eyes used to scratch a lot in the morning, specially because of lack of sleep. What makes hard to concentrate on something.
    After taking these, it felt like my eyes were not heavy anymore and I could drive or concentrate on the P.C. screen.
    It is recommended to take three for my weight, however, I started taking two and it was as efficient as taking three capsules. So, decided to keep just taking two.
    The package comes with 30 capsules. So, the less you need to take, the longer the pack is going to last. I recommend trying small doses first and then increase according to your needs. At least that is what worked for me.
    The product comes also with a thank you card personalised and hand written. Making the customer feel special, what is great as we can contact the seller if we have any doubts (the contacts are enclosed with the product).
    Would say definitely will keep it up on taking these. And would highly recommend to friends.

    Damon: A real perk you up*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 23/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I've been taking these off and on, for a few weeks now and they really do pick you up when needed. When I've woken up half asleep, taking these has really brought my brain online and pushed me through. It's not a caffeine jolt though, you don't feel shaky, it just gets you going. I've had no problems sleeping after taking them either.

    Mungki: Definitely be using again!*

    [originally reviewed at Amazon 20/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I tried some BrainZyme Original and found it really helpful at work - it made me more productive and helped me get through the afternoon slump. I spoke with some of the company’s customer service people and asked if they had any suggestions for products that I could take which might help me while I was in front of people and presenting, as I have to do this quite often in my job and I can get stage-fright! so they recommended Professional to me, and I have to say, it really did the job. I felt that I was really ready while presenting last week, the pressure didn’t get to me in the slightest and my colleagues all seemed really satisfied with my performance. Superb!

    Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson: Pleasantly Surprised*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 20/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Tried this product as part of an experiment and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Increased concentration with no side effects.

    Will Gray Xana Barrosoon: Works great*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 19/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) These contain natural ingredients and are very healthy. I take one in the morning,and two in the afternoon, and so far I have nothing but positive things to say about these, especially for the price they're at

    Meerkat: BrainZyme definitely helps to focus*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 14/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I bought this BrainZyme supplement as being a University student I get lots of coursework + tests, so I needed something to help me with my study. So, I came across with BrainZyme who does all the natural ingredients as some other brand sells which contains all animal ingredients but brainZyme is all natural, so I bought it.
    After taking the capsules, I could notice that I can focus with my studies or anything that I want to achieve and I felt more determined and I felt like oh I want to finish the tasks I am doing whatsoever.
    these capsules are wonderful.

    O.B.: Good additive*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 29/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I'm fully confident that these pills not only aided in my ability to study on my own accord (something I've ALWAYS had trouble with), but it has kept me alert and quick-witted in the classroom and just general day-to-day life. They keep me are concentrated longer on studying. I have also noticed that I am remembering little things better. Like remembering why I walked into the kitchen. I haven't had any undesirable effects. Just can actually remember things now. It has really helped me be more productive at work.In other words, it simply allows me to do what I did before only at a much elevated level. Again I am not going say that after taking this I somehow feel smarter or sharper mentally, rather I have more clarity of thought and thought structure. For now i am using them for 2 weeks, hope to see more god results later.

    Miles Ross: Would 100% use again.*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 07/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) BrainZyme was a really pleasant and subtle concentration hit.
    2 capsules gave me approx 4 hours of strong focus, without the explosive punch or crash that comes with an energy drink.
    Would 100% use again.

    Amazon Customer: Berroca no more*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 07/November/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) I wasn't sure how this would go but thought heh why not try! I have used berroca in the past but wasn't overly happy with the ingredient list. This states it's all natural and I have to say It certainly is aiding my mental focus at work. The other day having taken two capsules before breakfast I worked without issue right through to lunch. I didn't know where the time had gone....focus, definitely is enhanced. I'm glad I tried and certainly appreciate that's it's an all natural product.

    Amazon Customer: stars Brainzyme is the best natural way to stay awake!*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 06/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) This is such a great product, awesome at keeping me awake!

    Meri H: Pleasant feeling, great for students*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 06/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) It does everything as promised. I took them before breakfast as suggested, on an empty stomach. 45 minutes later I could already feel the pill’s effect, which was surprising considering that they’re entirely made of natural ingredients. I was pleasantly focused, neither fidgety or restless. I procrastinate easily and it gave me extra motivation to keep working on my report. Great for students.

    Amazon Customer: It's a great product!*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 03/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I ordered it during my exam. Considering I tried to cut down my coffee at that time, I didn't feel tired and can focus for a decent amount of time. Besides, the ingredients are all natural and full of good stuff (green tea, guarana seed etc.). Amazing food supplement! Definitely will buy this again.

    Pitasari Devi Soetardjo: The effect has been constantly miraculous!*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 02/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I’ve just started working in a new company within a high-pressure environment. Therefore, I’m looking for something that can keep me focused throughout the day. My friend recommended this product to me and when I tried it, I couldn’t believe that I just want to work, get my job done. I’ve been taking Brainzyme for a few days now and the effect has been constant. Definitely would recommend to anyone who needs deep, undistracted focus.

    Bena Pratama: Helps me work productively for the entire day*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 02/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Even though it says that it contains caffeine, I got no unpleasant feeling whatsoever: I don’t feel jittery or restless.
    I could work through my essays, books, notes, and I didn’t even realise how many hours have passed! I work more efficiently and I felt a sense of calmness I don’t normally feel; I usually feel agitated sitting in the same spot for hours in the library. I would recommend this to students or to anyone that needs deep concentration and be productive for the whole day.

    Anthony Ryan: The results were amazing*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 02/November/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Having been a little skeptical of the benefits I decided to give BrainZyme a try before a couple of deadlines recently. I must say, the results were amazing. The product totally lifted the "fog" I was feeling and gave me a notable increase in focus. I would totally recommend this to anybody with some taxing mental tasks on their plate.

    MT: Very effective*

    [originally reviewed at Amazon 30/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I just used them for 3 days so far. The first day I just took one as I was a bit skeptical and didn't want to take two from the beginning. I did notice a change about less than an hour after taking the pill. It didn't give me more energy, but it helped me feel calmer and more focused. That's exactly what I was looking for. So don't expect an energy burst, but rather something that helps you focus. Two days later I tried two as recommended by the seller and the effect was stronger and lasted longer. I like how detailed the instructions from the seller are. There's multiple small leaflets with instructions on how to take them to get the best effect. I'm very satisfied.

    Junaid: Highly recommended.*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 30/October/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) This product was suggested to me by a friend of mine when I was unable to concentrate and be focused on my job hunt. Hurray! It does work. I took two pills with a gap 2 hours after my breakfast for a week and while working it awaken my mind and the work happened with ease and effectiveness. I was able to concentrate and finish the set task for the day without even wanting to take short breaks. I think its an effective product for brain concentration. Highly recommended

    Lynn: Five Stars*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 28/October/2017]
    I have taken this supplement at various times. I have found that it not only helps when I need to concentrate on certain tasks but I have also found this supplement acts as a natural pick me up if I have not slept well or feeling overworked.
    In comparison with the original I would say that both products help with focusing but this elite product gives the added lift almost a high that made me feel as if I could cope with anything!
    On top of all this I have noticed other brain focus products in the shops which are more expensive but contain less ingredients, This product is sure to do well! and deserves to!
    Excellent all purpose good value product which I would recommend to anyone working /studying or just in need of a pick me up!

    Lynn: Brain health*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 28/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) It’s good to have at last found a natural product for brain nutrition! I applaud the company who recognises that keeping the brain healthy is as important as keeping the body healthy! I was at first sceptical that there would be any tangible effect but I was definitely able to concentrate and plan in a more focused and calm way. Quite amazing a natural product can have this effect! I would recommending taking on empty stomach at least two capsules for best effect.

    Mungki: Immediate effect from environmentally friendly sources*
    [originally reviewed at Amazon 27/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I felt tangible, immediate effect after taking it, which I don’t normally feel from other supplements. My mind was focused but I was calm as well. I also like this product because it contains all natural and safe ingredients. I was initially wondering about why they don’t use plastic bottles as packaging, but when I looked into their website, I realised it’s more environmentally-friendly and less costly to ship

    Mungki: Great.*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 25/October/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) I tried the Original and later the elite version - The elite version really is quite a bit stronger, and you don't need 2-3 capsules at all. In fact with 3 capsules I thought it was a bit too much for me - nothing bad happened, but I felt a bit 'too much' energy in my head. For me 1 capsule is all I need to get through the day with extra energy and mental focus. I also noticed I had a better mood - as if the stress 'fell away' - just felt easier to smile and be relaxed.

    Meri: Happy with the results*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 25/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I took this for help with exams (orals) and they really helped settle my nerves. I was able to do better than I expected ... I just felt so calm and focused going into the room. Really good. Would recommend.

    Xose Pruneda: Good Experience with BrainZyme*
    [originally reviewed at TrustPilot 24/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)I had a good experience with the BrainZyme. It seems to cut down on the mind's chatter and enhanced focus, so I could see how it could be used for studying and even meditation.

    Clare McMillan: I tried this product when I was studying for exams*
    [originally reviewed at TrustPilot 10/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I tried this product when I was studying for an exam and I have to say I was a bit skeptical. I found myself really struggling to stay awake one day when studying so I thought I'd give it a go as a friend had given me a sample. To my surprise it really worked!! I was so awake and alert after I took them and will definitely stock up for my next exams!!
    My only reservation is the titanium dioxide in the shell but I just opened up the tablets and dissolved the substance in water so I didn't have to swallow the shell.

    Jon Bromley: I have tried this companies product*
    [originally reviewed at TrustPilot 09/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I have tried this companies product and I can say that is a top product and it does everything it says it will do. I had the Original Brain Food Supplement and will be having some more in the future for sure.

    Peter Lavery: I tried the brainzyme suppliment*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 04/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Tried the brainzyme suppliment from better nutritional science and I found it to do exactly what the company said it would do.I did feel more alert going onto the mats..and not as tired after..I wasnt overly dehydrated even though it was suggested that I could be.Great product..will definately use it again.

    Tax_Assist_Accountants: Great for work performance!*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 02/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I bought these as a colleague in office recommended them - they are perfect for deadlines and getting work out the door. Great product - very helpful.

    SophieS: Back to School*

    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 02/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Perfect for back to school. Gives you a bit of extra motivation to get tucked into your reading list. I am a natural procrastinator, so I found it an add sensation to want to keep on going and get through large chunks of reading ... and still feel OK about it, not tired nor stressed. Interesting product. I like it!

    MargaretW335: Great product, healthy too!*

    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 02/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I have been attempting to move to healthier lifestyle the past few years, and this vegetarian capsule fitted my requirements. I do have problems with memory during the day - however I was told by the support team that this product was not a memory booster as such, but it would help increase my focus. My personal experience is that I DO feel focused and with lots of energy to get all the boxes on my list checked! I would recommend if you feel your mind wanders or gets tired easily.

    Miroslav565: It does work*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 02/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)  I am quite a sceptical person about all natural products, so it's quite a big thing for me to say, "yes, it does work". However, I tried these products, after my wife mentioned them to. I tried them before my morning breakfast, about 30 minutes before eating. I took a large glass of water, which was important, as the pills had to be taken on an empty stomach. I would say, I felt more awake, more alert and "calmer" about what I needed to do. It was a good feeling - calm and focused. So, "yes, they do work".

    Lynn. Smith: Love this helpful brain pill*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 01/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)  This is a great boost through the day, and appreciate the clarity of thought, it allows me...
    I would give it more stars!

    Scott_W: Perfect for hitting the books*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 01/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)
    Great product, with fast support from Robert on the live chat if you need it. Keeps you motivated and wanting to finish as much as possible. Great 'study secret weapon' - would recommend if have a big reading list to get through.

    david.walters: Pretty good overall*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 01/October/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) I would say these are pretty good overall. The price is acceptable. I am not sure if the effects are placebo or real, but in any case, these pills do work to some extent. I would recommend them if you need a boost throughout the day. I understand that meditation can also help unlock better mental performance under pressure, but I have difficulty making time for that everyday. Hence, these pills.

    Marcus - London: Helped me: better able to work under pressure.*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 01/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) This is a good supplement. It did actually help me with my practice (martial arts, wing chun) and I felt better able to do the work. I would say its a great product, that actually does help under pressure - after practice, I wanted to keep doing something productive, so I did. I would recommend this to friends and family.

    Essex Kendo Club: Highly Recommended*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 01/October/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I would recommend this product, Helps with concentration and focus. I felt a lot more alert and focused during my training. Highly Recommended.

    MartinF40: 5 Star product, but 4 stars as bit expensive.*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 30/September/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) I like the way it puts a smile on my face in the morning --- just a perfect start to the day --- positive energy and the focus (calm) but energised to get all my stuff done. And have a smile at the same time too! Great!
    On the down side, when I received my pack, I was a bit disapointed at only have 30 capsules, for this price, I would have expected more? Hence 4 stars. But for product itself, I would say 5.

    Zaman: Better than BZ Original*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 30/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I did try a few packs of Original, and was pleasantly surprised at how much 'stronger' I felt the Professional ones was. Great product, five stars.

    Milly Walker: This is what I was waiting for!*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 29/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I have been waiting ages for this to be back in stock, and I am glad it is. What a fantastic product - it helps me focus and get through the day with lots of 'mental energy'. Really good. Five stars!

    Toren: Works like it says ...*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 29/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) My job puts me under pressure on a regular basis, so I was looking for something that could help. I have been pleasantly surprised with this product. It certainly has helped in making me feel more focused, even during the more stressful periods!

    GreenSheep: This product helped me keep concentration and focus*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 28/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) As an esports player, I tend to have long sessions playing video games and this product helped me keep concentration and focus. I am amazed that this improved my performance while only using natural ingredients.

    Sarah.S: Nice feeling - being alert - and it's all natural.*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 22/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I like the fact I feel pleasantly alert, attentive and that it's a natural product. However, whereas some natural products can be quite disappointing, in that they don't have much of an effect, that can be noticed - this has turned out to be quite powerful as well as natural.

    Mark: Very helpful*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 22/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)I had to wait ages for this to be back in stock. However, I am glad it is, as I have found it very helpful for my ability to focus on studies. Great overall, five stars!

    Justin Mc Gibbon: Brilliant Product*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 21/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Brilliant Product - I have been in the market for something just like BrainZyme for some time now! I'd tried many other types of brain boosting supplements from the US and got no results from them...
    I personally teach and train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it requires a lot of mental power to recall techniques, there was a definite sense of clarity especially under pressure.
    Customer support was on par with the product, I have reached out to them on several occassions and their response is quick and professional.
    I'd recommend anyone invest in this product and its company as I believe they have a superior product to anything else on the market. A+++++

    A Miles: Incredible product*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 20/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Incredible product. Would honestly recommend it to anyone!

    Phoebe Diana: Great for freelancers!*
    [originally reviewed at 14/September/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) I was a little skeptical when I first received my BrainZyme capsules as I didn't believe something like this would give me a boost of energy that is not only healthy for me but completely plant-based and as a vegan that means a lot to me. I'm a freelancer and work from my bedroom so at around 2/3pm I feel very tired and unmotivated to do more but BrainZyme helped me through that and I would definitely repurchase. The only reason why I have given 4 stars instead of 5 is because the capsules are a little on the large side and I'm usually good at taking capsules/tablets!
    Overall, great product.

    Dante Montagnani: Another supplement*
    [originally reviewed at 14/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Another supplement, another day. This is a quality product and the owner is a cool guy to do business with. It's mellow and uplifting, like a summer breeze. Gentle, I felt increased energy levels and boxes were ticked. I recommend this product!

    Derek McEwan: BrainZyme is simply put Awesome*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 08/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I was given a sample to review for my YouTube channel and I went into it thinking there was no way this could possibly work.
    After trying BrainZyme out for two days I noticed my productivity had increased significantly and I was able to concentrate better on my video production schedule. BrainZyme is simply put Awesome.

    Childan: Great experience*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 7/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)  I really enjoy my days with Brainzyme - they work better than I expected. Thanks for the discount code! Cheers, Childan.

    Andrew Pillans: Ideal For Golfers!*
    [originally reviewed at 06/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I received a sample from BrainZyme and took 2 pills prior to playing in a professional golf tournament, early on in the round i was able to perform well as i was feeling more relaxed than usual these really did calm me down. Later on in the round i felt a lot less fatigued than usual picking up vital strokes that led to me clinching a qualifying position. i Would recommend BrainZyme to anyone taking part in Sport and I'm looking forward to trying them out whilst studying over the Winter. Fantastic Product.

    Lynn Mackenzie: Dual action BrainZyme!*
    [originally reviewed at 04/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I'm continuing to take BrainZyme not only for the need to focus at certain times, but it's good to know with all these great vitamins that lm helping my brain to stay healthy!
    Keep up the good work, dual action Brainzyme!

    Graham Jenkins: Extremely good product*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 04/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Extremely good product. As a streamer, certainly helped my concentration and alert levels.

    Joseph Cove: Felt a definite improvement in brain power*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 03/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Felt a definite improvement in brain power and concentration!

    xuan: I think it helps to relieve fatigue*
    [originally reviewed at 03/September/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) I think it helps to relieve fatigue and make me focus on works at least to some extent. it may not work for everyone, but as it has few side effects, it worths a try.

    Kamran: BrainZyme perfect for Golf*
    [originally reviewed at 01/September/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Through a friend of mine, I thought I'd try BrainZyme on the golf course when playing in a professional event. I took 2 x BrainZyme pills after 8 holes and felt the difference quickly. I felt more calm and more focused for the next 10 holes as well as showing no signs of fatigue when I had to play more holes in a playoff in order to qualify which I managed to do. I believe this product has a future in golf shops after my own experience. Great product!

    Inked Gamer: I Would highly recommend*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 31/August/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) As a full time streamer fatigue is always an issue but there allowed me to focus on my game for a solid couple of hours. Makes you go and 'turn up' whenever you need it. I had no adverse side effects and I Would highly recommend.

    Aggelos Y: Unbelievable*
    [originally reviewed at 28/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)  My first thought? Too good to be true. It took only one try to convince me.

    Scott: Gives you that boost when you need it*
    [originally reviewed at 28/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)  Gives you that boost when you need it, fast acting and theres no massive comedown like there is with other products, highly recommend.

    Scott Taylor: Improves productivity massively*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 26/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Improves productivity massively, gives you that little boost when you are low, i was in my own little world with this, well definitely be making another order soon!

    Christopher Smith: Five Stars*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 25/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)

    Wizardavid: Sudden Boost in energy! Recommend for future use!*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 25/August/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) Very Good Product! Sudden Boost in energy! Recommend for future use!

    Derek McEwan: BrainZyme is simply put Awesome*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 23/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I was given a sample to review for my YouTube channel and I went into it thinking there was no way this could possibly work.
    After trying BrainZyme out for two days I noticed my productivity had increased significantly and I was able to concentrate better on my video production schedule. BrainZyme is simply put Awesome. 

    Couch Casters: We pull a lot of long nights.....THESE ARE PERFECT!!*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 21/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) We are a group of 5 active Twitch streamers and we pull alot of long nights.....THESE ARE PERFECT!!
    Unlike other products that are dipped in sugars or caffeine, these only contain natural ingredients and the natural caffeine is extracted from guarana, so all is great there.
    When you're a streamer and staring at computer screens, this is an ideal product, and that is why we fully support BrainZyme. SO GET YOURS NOW!

    Gary Smith: BOOM!! A healthier alternative to other energy supplements :) *
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 21/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) BOOM!! A healthier alternative to other energy supplements :) and my new go to choice. These are essential when you are a streamer as the long nights require that extra pep!

    Serge Huleani: Makes you go in 'the zone' whenever you need it.*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 21/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Does what it says on the tin, allowed me to focus on my game for a solid couple of hours. Makes you go in 'the zone' whenever you need it. Would highly recommend.

    Ajax Plays: Well rested, focused and completely in the zone!*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 17/August/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) As a full time streamer and gaming enthusiast I'm sure you can relate when I say my sleeping schedule is somewhat lacking. But I can tell you that these supplements made me feel like I was at my best. Well rested, focused and completely in the zone! Oh and it's not pumped full of sugar to which is a plus :)

    Aiden Wilson: Five Stars*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 17/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)

    Frankie Ward: Thought that the supplement is a great concept.*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 15/August/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) Thought that the supplement is a great concept. I had no adverse side effects and I did feel a boost for around four hours without the shakes one would associate with coffee!
    Hardest part for me was taking on an empty stomach. I think these would work well for people who experience a mid-afternoon slump and need to get their brain back in the game.

    Petr Petrák: I tried BrainZyme because I needed to learn stuff for exam.*
    [originally reviewed at 15/August/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) I tried BrainZyme because I needed to stay focused (learning stuff for exam) and had to admit that it worked in expectable way - I felt awake for longer time during learning than usual and I did not have to take extra coffee or mate. In case of better availability in the Czech Republic I may consider using it again.

    Tayler O'Wonka: 5 Stars*
    [originally reviewed at 14/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Brilliant product, extremely fast support and delivery, overall 5/5

    Nxtrogen: After testing out this product I can safely say it does what it says on the tin*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 7/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) After testing out this product I can safely say it does what it says on the tin, I didn't experience any side affects either. Really pleased with the product and I wish them all the best.

    Sophie Leigh: I absolutely loved this product!*
    [originally reviewed at Google reviews 7/August/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I absolutely loved this product! Helped me fight fatigue & get alot of work done. I would recommend this too anyone wanting some help. I cannot wait to get my hands on more for the school year.

    Jack: Good product*
    [originally reviewed at 20/July/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Good product, helped me focus more on work and get more done. Staff was helpful and responsive - would recommend.

    Joe Burden: My Experience Taking BrainZyme*
    [originally reviewed at 14/July/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Before taking BrainZyme I was unsure about the results the product had to offer and was a little against taking the supplements. After much consideration I decided to try them. The effects of the tablet was remarkable. They made me feel more awake and helped me concentrate on my studies. When taking BrainZyme it gave me the energy to finish my work therefore meeting deadlines I had been given.

    Malika Rizqi Anindita: A bit sceptical at first, but it works!*
    [originally reviewed at 7/July/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) At first, I am not sure whether my concentration is enhanced or is it just my brain telling me I should have concentrated more on taking the supplement. However, after working almost nonstop for hours from afternoon until night without much of distraction, I am absolutely sure it is because of the supplement!

    Trude Telle: A nice boost*
    [originally reviewed at 18/May/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) Got a lot done the couple of days i tried them, gives you a nice boost to push a little bit further than you normally would.

    Linnea: BrainZyme makes me feel wide awake and …*
    [originally reviewed at 8/May/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) BrainZyme makes me feel wide awake and very concentrated! Great help if you are under pressure!

    Jim Evans: I work in a relatively high pressure …*
    [originally reviewed at 8/May/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I work in a relatively high pressure office environment. I am pretty alert in general but I did notice positive effects from my test. I had imagined an unpleasant over caffeinated feeling but it was not like that at all. My brain felt active, clear and alert. I would definitely recommend this product and would use it again myself.

    Morgane Fox: BrainZyme is a great product*
    [originally reviewed at 7/May/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) BrainZyme is a great product, I highly recommend!

    Pascal Egli: The BrainZyme pill effective but in my …*
    [originally reviewed at 7/May/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) The BrainZyme pill effective but in my case it the effect was gone after a few hours. But i think it was difficult for me to test it intensive because i am still on holiday and not at university or at work. I think the pill would have had a better effect if i am going to take it during the exams.

    Beryl: 推薦給需要動頭腦的人*
    [originally reviewed at 4/May/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) 非常好的產品,自從使用後,做事更有效率,因為頭腦非常清楚的了解重點在哪,做起事來更能運用時間,推薦給需要動腦的學生或工作者!可以先嘗試看看,相信大家會跟我一樣有驚為天人的感觸!

    Sarah: What a great job!*
    [originally reviewed at 2/May/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Just recently tested BrainZyme, because only wanted to take it in stressful times where I have to be very productive at university. It helps me a lot to stay focused. It woke me up and I was very productive during the days. And even in the end of the day i didn't felt crash out. A friend of mine even said I wasn't so nervous anymore without knowing of BrainZyme. Couldn't tell you negative affects on my body. It had a really good affect on my body and I am definitely no friend of dietary supplements but I highly recommend it!

    陈琳: 真的有差!!*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 20/April/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)我原先使用的是Original版的,挺不错的,想说换一下Professional版的,试试效果,毕竟价格上有差,所以有花时间想了一下,在英国读书,能省则省呀!!但,我真开心我买了Professional版的,最近要缴论文,忙翻天,Professional版不止专住更有动力,真的有差!!超推~~

    Richard Haggarty: Excellent product*
    [originally reviewed at 16/April/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Excellent product, fulfills every promise it says on the box. I highly recommend this product.

    Hamilton.Reeves: Thanks for the opportunity!*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 16/April/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) It's been really great having these little capsules around with me the last few days, "Professional" is what it says, and I certainly felt that when I had my "act together" for 10 days straight and got my report done to a standard I was myself impressed with.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this 'pre-launch' review round. Please say hi to Yu-Chi for me and I certainly appreciated the next day drop off. Please add me to your email list to be informed when this product is for general sale.

    Mark Stevens: Great review pack*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 11/April/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) Thanks for sending me this product to evaluate. The experience with your company has been very smooth and thank you for answering all my questions over email/phone.
    These capsules have been really helpful for me during my pre-exam rush - as you know - that's weeks and months of long term studying and it's not easy! After the first day, I noticed the difference - I did feel I was able to work "deeply" without breaks and mental wandering about, which can happen normally. But with these brainZyme elite pills I didn't have those problems. I was happy to sit at my desk for 8-10 hours every day and crunch through the books, papers, essays, notes, flash-cards, etc.
    I can say the feeling was a kind-of "zen" as I felt really calm and totally focused. Well done for sending me these samples to trial and I'm glad I did. Will you send me some more please?

    Beryl: It makes me feel awake and wanting to finish everything that needs done.*
    [originally reviewed at 2/April/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I wish I had known about this product when I was at University, I could have graduated with an even better grade! 這項產品讓我注意力集中,能快速完成工作。多希望時間能倒退,讓我在就學時發現它,我一定能考到更好的學校!

    Loral Quinn: Woke me up and gave me a concentration boost*
    [originally reviewed at 6/March/2017]   
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I definitely felt more alert and able to focus.

    Peter Matthews: Friends introduction*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 28/February/2017]
    ★★★★★ (5/5)  This packet was sent to me by a friend, and I was quite impressed by the results. I liked the fact I felt tangible results fairly soon after taking the capsules, about 45 minutes later. I have tried some other vitamin and mineral supplements, and I am sure they were all very good, however, I never felt the 'tangible' effect with them. With these pills (brainzyme elite) however, I did feel a real tangible change and huge improvement in ability to think straight and get work done - calmly, efficiently and I ended up enjoying things I would normally have not liked. Pretty amazing - I'd try them again and recommend friends to try them.

    Christoph Vogelbusch: Stay calm and focused under pressure*
    [originally reviewed at 28/February/2017]  
    ★★★★★ (5/5) The instantly noticeable effect is it's feels easy to stay calm and focused – I was really able to get all my thoughts beautifully streamlined.  ... and I am making sure I am perfectly water supported. Stay healthy, stay sharp.

    Seoras Orr: Great product! Helps you hold your focus and concentration naturally!*
    [originally reviewed at 9/February/2017]   
    ★★★★★ (5/5) I found BrainZyme to be calming, but also helpful in keeping my focus on work. I would happily recommend this product to any of my student friends, or indeed anyone struggling to keep their attention on task. There are people I know who go to crazy lengths to go on studying - using all sorts of stimulants to keep going! They end up feeling wired and stressed, and then crash out at the end. BrainZyme offers a safe, natural alternative that does the job!

    Childan71: Tried it once and it seemed to work!*
    [originally reviewed at 8/February/2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) I was very tired at work and a friend gave me some brainzyme to try. Only used it once but I was certainly a lot more productive afterwards and for the majority of the day. I'll definitely try it again when I'm needing to focus.

    E Matthews: Noticeable effects, good overall*
    [originally reviewed at 28 Jan 2017]
    ★★★★✰ (4/5) Honestly at first I was a bit sceptical, but I tried the capsules on a day I was feeling not so great and afterwards felt like I could get stuff done which speaks volumes for what it could do if you weren't already ill. I've not tried them long term so obviously I can't say for certain but I would expect them to be a very effective study supplement as advertised. I don't know much about chemistry so I couldn't tell you how the product works but it seems to me that it produces results without harming your body in any sort of way so I'm all for it.

    Simon Parker: Thanks !*
    [originally reviewed at BrainZyme reviews 28/January/2017]
    ★★★★★(5/5) Thanks, it worked just like you said - a quick effect within 40 minutes, and then a weekly effect that felt a week later that I was, "smarter" or, making better decisions .. hard to say exactly, but OVERALL, things went better for me. A great product, I would recommend it, for those who want to get results.

    Lynn Mackenzie: BrainZyme*
    [originally reviewed at 27/January/2017]
    ★★★★★(5/5) I found this product significantly increased my concentration and my focus. I like this product because it is composed of all natural food supplements and it actually works ! Definitely a 5 star product!

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    Written Reviews of BrainZyme* (Blogger reviews):

    "In Sophies Mind; an award-nominated blog by a vegan blogger from Northern Ireland" -
    Sophie writes:  When I first saw the email I received; I was a little sceptical I won’t lie about that, it sounded too good to be true ... I took 2 capsules with water & started writing, as I had a lot I needed to catch up with, I wrote an article within an hour and started a new one. This may not seem like much but for me I usually lose concentration and end up saving my posts as drafts and never look at them again; I currently have 40 drafts half written some from back in October last year. So being able to sit down for that amount of time and produce something from it was incredible."
    Your New Study Buddy at Uni | BrainZyme Review

    "Roberts Review: Just an average family reviewing stuff." -
    a new blog review of BrainZyme Original.
    Carolyn writes:  "So upon taking these tablets I wasnt sure what to expect. I took the tablets with water as advised and set about work. Although the effects are minimal they are definitely there. I felt more energised and able to do my work. I performed faster and more effectively for a period of around an hour. Whether this was psychological or whether the product really worked I could not say for sure but in my belief I would definitely say it was the tablets."
    Reviews: BrainZyme

    "Phoebe Says Hello:  A blog to show you how easy veganism can be" -
    a blog review of BrainZyme Original.
    Phoebe writes: I was a little skeptical when I first received my BrainZyme capsules as I didn't believe that something like this would give me a boost of energy that is not only healthy for me but completely plant-based and as a vegan this factor means a lot to me - it seemed to good to be true! But to my surprise, it works! I'm a freelancer and work from my bedroom so at around 2 or 3pm I start to feel tired and unmotivated to do any more work and I don't drink coffee so BrainZyme really did save me! 
    Your New Uni Saviour - BrainZyme Review

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