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Brainzyme® FOCUS supplements are designed to provide you with a 100% plant-powered focus and energy boost with mood and memory support.

Brainzyme® FOCUS supplements are designed to provide you with a 100% plant-powered focus and energy boost with mood and memory support.


Join the 472,348 people that have already gained an advantage in life by improving their ability to focus.


Focus & Concentration

All three focus supplements provide you with a focus and concentration boost. You’ll enjoy thinking clearer and getting more done with Brainzyme Focus.

6-8 Hour Energy

Provides you with a 100% plant-powered energy boost by increasing energy production in a smooth and potent manner. You’ll enjoy having more energy to help you get more done.

Mood Support

Having the full range of Focus supplements will allow you to make a choice based on the level of focus you require and how you want to feel so you can get the most out of your day.

Memory Support

Supports your brain’s memory function by helping to prevent some common causes of memory problems, such as brain fog, stress and tiredness.

Fast acting capsules get to work right away

The vegan-friendly capsules are easily absorbed to help you begin to feel the benefits within 60 minutes of taking them.




Your satisfaction is guaranteed

We are confident that you will love the benefits of Brainzyme Focus supplements. So confident, in fact, that we offer a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

100% Plant-Powered Ingredients

Brainzyme Focus’ advanced formulas contain plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that are scientifically proven to support concentration, cognition, energy, memory and mental performance.

The Science

The supplements have been formulated with ingredient research from leading neuro-cognitive and nutritional experts, including the 18-member panel at EFSA.

What to Expect

Here's how you will feel with each formula:

Free eBook

With your first purchase you will receive our "Brainzyme eBook: The Starter Guide" which contains lots of helpful information to get you started on your Brainzyme journey!


Get the complete FOCUS range

Brainzyme® Focus (3-in-1) Set™

Brainzyme® Focus
(3-in-1) Set™

Includes: 1 Elite + 1 Pro + 1 Original (30 capsules each)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews

Brainzyme® Focus (3-in-1) Set: Get the Complete Focus Range

Mix all three for different stimulus

Pro keeps you going the best but like with all things you can get desensitised to fifth gear so days off and reduce the stimulus when not needed everyday to keep the effect when needed

Great Focus Help

Iv been using Brainzyme range for 3 months now. I have been struggling with ‘brain fog’
Having terrible anxiety
Best product iv found. It works !!!!!
Brainzyme has helped me to feel normal again


Brainzyme® Focus (3-in-1) Set: Get the Complete Focus Range

Stable Focus

When a friend and colleague at work told me about Brainzyme and gave me two capsules, I looked into the ingredient list: first test past. Then read some reviews: second test past. Then tried the two "Focus Pro" capsules on a normal workday: third test passed. The effects are not wild or dramatic, but noticeable and gently substantial. Like a lot of approaches to nutrition, slow and steady wins the race - and that is what I am experiencing. My mood, focus and productivity seem to be positively impacted, so I plan to continue rotating through the three formulas for as long as the results remain good.

What do the medical experts think?

"Brainzyme contains Matcha, Guarana and Choline, which are all well known to boost cognitive effects - I found that Brainzyme helped me stay alert and focused."

Dr Sarah Nicholls BSc BMBS,

"I found it much easier to stay on task and felt like more got done."

Tim Grivell MSc MBACP,
Registered Psychologist

"Brainzyme, [it] contains a range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients known to help with focus and concentration, and with energizing our body and our brain."

Christine Bailey MSc MBANT CNHC,
Award-winning Nutritionist

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Brainzyme is loved by Doctors, Sports Professionals, Nutritionists, Academics, Gamers, Bloggers and more

Kirsty Gilmour

British Badminton Champion and Olympian

Dr Sarah Nicholls


Atle S. Stehouwer

CEO, Singularity Esports

Keshav Bhatt

YouTuber, Accredited life coach & NLP practitioner

Christine Bailey

Award-winning nutritional therapist, author and broadcaster

Masumah Jannah

Medical Student, Influencer & Blogger

Gaz Corran

Pro MMA Fighter & Bare Knuckle Boxing World Champion

Duncan Menzies

Curling National Champion

Jason Hanson

CPA Student, Influencer & Blogger

Tim Grivell

Registered Psychologist & Counsellor

Guy Learmonth

British Indoor 800m Champion

Jasmine Churms

Medical Student, Influencer & Blogger

Why Brainzyme?

We are a world leading brain food supplement specialist, based in Edinburgh, UK.

By specialising in one area, we are able to research, evaluate and manufacture the best brain food supplements for you, our customers.

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*Mood claims are anecdotal. 100% plant-powered refers to the main active ingredients.

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