Finally, the UK's Answer to Alpha Brain - with 100% Natural Focus

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Onnit’s Alpha Brain - the nootropic that promises to get you in the zone.

You’ve experienced the feeling of being in the zone before, right? It’s known as the flow state.

It’s where high-powered executives, top athletes and creative professionals operate on a day to day basis.

It’s the state where you get things done.

And you can achieve that state, too. Everyday. Consistently.

Nootropics like Alpha Brain help you reach the flow state by increasing the amount of Alpha Waves your brain produces. They induce a state of wakeful relaxation that is central to high performance in every domain.

It’s the state that keeps you locked in on your tasks until they’re finished, where distractions vanish and getting started is effortless.

It’s when your work doesn’t just feel motivating - it’s enjoyable - as you feel a sense of achievement each time you cross something else off your to-do list.

You want the drive, focus and clarity to do all this, whilst still having the energy for your friends, family and fun.

There’s no reason you wouldn’t want to work in a flow state every single day, which is what the ingredients in nootropics like Alpha Brain might help you achieve. Some of them certainly help increase alpha waves.

However, Alpha Brain is relatively expensive and as their products ship from the US, it could take you weeks to receive your order if it gets stuck in customs.

But did you know that you can get a natural, UK-made Alpha Brain alternative nootropic shipped to your doorstep within days?

This is exactly why we created Brainzyme Focus Pro.

It's a 100% natural nootropic, made in the UK, that works with your body to take you to the next level of focus, energy and clarity.

Combining 100% natural nootropics with essential neuro-enhancing vitamins and minerals, you can achieve your own version of flow for upwards of 8 hours.

Brainzyme Focus Pro gets you into a flow state - and keeps you there longer - by using natural ingredients that are absorbed and utilised by your body at a far higher level than synthetic chemicals.

Plant-Powered performance for people who want more from their supplements.

How Brainzyme Focus Pro Gets You in the Zone

If you’re the type of person who wants to perform better - in any arena - you’ve probably tried nootropics before. And they’ve probably fallen short.

Either not producing any effect at all, or making you frantic and anxious from high doses of caffeine and other ingredients that are at best substitutes for true mental enhancement.

We felt exactly the same, and that’s why we created Brainzyme Focus Pro.

We were tired of consuming nootropics made with ingredients from unreliable sources that made us feel uneasy. We were disappointed by poor effects from supplements that lack essential ingredients just to save money.

And frankly, we were bored of taking countless capsules just to get that desired effect because of the low dosages of active ingredients found in most products.

So, we set out to create Brainzyme Focus Pro to change this. We wanted to create a product that put us into the flow state, and contained scientifically-backed ingredients that nourished and protected our brains at the same time - whether in the flow or living our lives.

To do this, we focused on three key areas:
- Scientifically-backed ingredients that deliver real results
- Effective dosages
- Support and nourishment for your entire body

The result?

Brainzyme Focus Pro is a product that not only gets you into the flow state but that you can feel working from the inside out.

It is best taken before food, to ensure its natural ingredients are fully absorbed by your body.

On an empty stomach, the full dosage of each clinically-validated nootropic ingredient will begin to circulate through your system, locking you into a state of pure performance.

Here's what you will feel like.

After 30 minutes: You will begin to feel stimulated by the mixture of guarana and plant polyphenols and will feel a slight improvement in your sense of wellbeing.

After 45 minutes: You begin to realise that you are noticeably more focused and that you feel "locked-in" to the task you are doing or about to do.

You will shift into a state with more purpose where your attention is solely on your task and you won’t get distracted. Your work feels motivating, interesting and above all - completely doable. You feel ready to roll your sleeves up and move into a state of productive action.

After 60 minutes: You are on-track and feel a sense of determination and flow as you effortlessly move through your tasks and practices. You feel a sense of ambition as you look at your day ahead, rather than the usual hint of dread and overwhelm at all the tasks that must be finished.

You can feel ideas forming faster in your mind, your brain is processing information faster than normal, and you effortlessly translate this information into decisive action as you watch your fingers move across the keyboard in front of you.

60 minutes to 8 hours: this is how long your Flow State continues for. Brainzyme Focus Pro’s optimised blend of supporting nutrients allows your body to maintain this energetic state for longer, without feeling frazzled or lethargic afterwards.

Most products simply redline your system and then leave you to burn afterwards. Brainzyme provides your brain important support, naturally, enabling you to function at optimal levels in a healthy way.

This means you’ll also have time for everything you want to do after your work is done. Whether that’s family, friends or fun, Brainzyme allows you to focus fully for up to 8 hours and then live life on your terms.

How much could you achieve with 8 hours of full focus per day?

How much faster could you complete your day’s work?

How much further could you go than your competition?