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Do you need to boost concentration and reduce tiredness?
Would you like to be alert, focused and productive?

If yes, then try BrainZyme - a new brain food supplement with neuro-support formula, natural matcha, guarana, ginkgo biloba, magnesium & 18 vitamins/minerals.  It works within one hour of taking it. 

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BrainZyme - it's UK's first natural Nutritional Cognitive Enhancer NCE ('natural smart pill') brain food supplement with matcha, that is scientifically proven to:

  • Support Mental Performance and Cognition
  • Improve Concentration 
  • & Reduce Tiredness

Video: Watch our 1 minute introduction film here:

We've taken the stress out of the times you need to work/study, with our clever BrainZyme natural 'nutritional cognitive enhancer' food supplements.

They will help you - “Be as smart as you can be”.   Simply take 2-3 capsules before you need to “get smart” - we think you will “get more done!”

BrainZyme Elite -
offers all the benefits of BrainZyme original and professional but with extra ingredients such as an extremely helpful neuro-support formula comprised of carefully balanced ingredients that have been selected for their beneficial effects on brain nutrition.

This is one our leading and most impressive cognitive enhancers, a 'smart pill' that will help you reach deeper levels of concentration.  It's great for medium-length projects or study sessions.

  • Core Ingredients:  Matcha Green Tea Powder*, Guarana Fruit Seeds*, Choline, Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12 & Minerals Iron, Zinc and Iodine.
    (*Contains Mild Naturally-Sourced Caffeine)
  • An easily absorbed form of Magnesium
  • Ginkgo Biloba, a plant substrate.
  • Neuro-support formula which contains Chia seeds providing Omega 3.

What's Inside the BrainZyme Capsules?Reviews report improved concentration, clearer thinking and less tiredness.  
See video reviews from customers below!


  • British formula and made in the UK. 
  • Fast Acting - it begins to work within the hour. 
  • Food supplement law compliance - UK & EFSA (EU) 
  • Core Ingredients:  Matcha, Guarana, Choline, Vitamins & Minerals.
  • Natural, safe and suitable for vegetarians.
  • 30 fast-acting capsules, in a resealable pouch.

Made in BritainReal ScienceQuality Assurance

    Video-Stephanie introduces BrainZyme:

    Video-Stephanie gives 6 good reasons for choosing BrainZyme:
    Video-Stephanie answers: 
    How to Take BrainZyme 

    • We suggest taking them first thing in the morning, or just before you need to start work or study.
    • Simply swallow 2-3 capsules with water or juice, between meals. For best results take on an empty stomach.
    • Aim to increase your intake of water for the time you are taking the capsules, we would suggest at least 2-3 cups of water.
    • Do not exceed 3 capsules in 3 hours, or 6 capsules per day.  
    • Do not take them at least 6 hours before sleeping.
    • Please note, this product is not suitable for children under 16. 
    • However, BrainZyme is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    Video Reviews of BrainZyme:

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    Who are we?

    We are Better Nutritional Science, the manufacturers of the BrainZyme range of food supplement quality cognitive enhancers.

    We saw there was a need for fast-acting, effective formulas providing cognitive enhancement and that were backed up with real science.

    We make BrainZyme!  We are Better Nutritional Science Ltd.  We are a Scottish company registered in the UK, and all our production and packaging is done within the UK.  

    Our manufacturing facilities are all UK environmental health approved, and our formula and marketing are all compliant with food supplement statutory requirements within the UK and EU.

    Introducing BrainZyme, the natural cognitive enhancer ...

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    ... with your BrainZyme for a Chance to Win a Free Months Supply of BrainZyme Original!

    Why do you say it’s UK's first legal cognitive enhancer?

    We have two reasons for this: First, there are many illegally sold drugs (according to UK law) that people are taking which they feel help their mental functions: these include Modafinil, Noopept and Adderall. BrainZyme is different to these drugs as it is legal to buy, sell and take, and is made with natural and fully traceable ingredients.

    Second, it is the first product in the UK to have the scientific and legal authority to be called a ‘cognitive enhancer’. We have scientific proof behind our claims that BrainZyme supports mental performance, improves concentration, reduces tiredness and contributes to cognition. These claims have been approved by a panel of experts at the EFSA, and are made legally in the UK according to British law and the Department of Health. In short: BrainZyme is safe, legal and effective.

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