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Students are facing increased pressure in today's learning environment. 

Increased stress levels also lead to increased mental health problems, in what is being described as a UK 'student mental health crisis' by Anna Macaskill (

We would like to help students to be able to cope better with the pressure and stress they face at school and university. We have compiled a list of online resources below to help with stress and mental health issues.


Option 1:

Please use the following helpful resources below for stress management, depression, including study pressures. The first part are private, fully-confidential services done over the phone, online and some with an app, and where you can have full support and 24-hour access to help. Most are free. Some can be immediate, such as the Samaritans, others possibly require you to go through an NHS application first.

Option 2:

In the second part, we also list various social media websites such as Facebook, Forum, Blog or Twitter forums where you can speak to others in a similar situation, discussing your opinions or sharing your experiences.


Option 1:

Resources for immediate help, private counselling, some via phone, internet or app.

  • leso digital health,
    offers live, confidential one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with a therapist via secure instant messaging. It’s available to anyone with common mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, pain management, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias and stress management. Ieso is available to NHS patients in some areas. You can also buy private CBT sessions directly through Thinkwell, Ieso’s website for paying clients.
  • SilverCloud
    Is a safe, secure online space offering personalised programmes to help people experiencing mental and behavioural problems including depression, anxiety, eating issues and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Members can complete modules specially tailored for them by an online supporter. SilverCloud is available via NHS hospitals, trusts and clinics, plus some non-NHS organisations. It’s not available to private clients.
  • Sleepio
    This is an online programme that helps people overcome sleep problems. It’s based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and evidence suggests it can even help people with long-term sleep problems. Sleepio works on desktop computers, tablets or via an iPhone app. It’s also compatible with some of the tracking devices you can use to track your daily lifestyle habits. Unless you live in one of the areas where Sleepio is available on the NHS, you will need to buy it (less than £4 a week).
  • Elefriends
    This is a supportive online community where you can be yourself. For those who struggle sometimes, and are looking for a safe place to listen, share and be heard. It is operated by Mind, a registered charity for better mental health.

  • Clearer Living
    Everyone can use a little help getting things sorted when life feels overwhelming. Clearer Living provides affordable and accessible online counselling and support, no matter what is on your mind.

    Option 2:

    Social media websites/ blogs where you can also discuss your opinions or share your experiences:

    If you know of a resource that we could add here, please let us know with the contact form below.


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