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Do you want to think clearer and get more done?

If you’re reading this, you're probably looking for a way to gain more focus and energy so that you can get more done at work or university. Staying consistently productive is very challenging, but a lot of high-power executives, top athletes and creative professionals achieve high productivity on a day to day basis.

You can achieve that state of exceptional productivity, too. Everyday. Consistently.

How? With natural brain food supplements called Brainzyme.

Brainzyme® Focus is a range of brain food supplements containing plant-powered ingredients that have been scientifically proven to support concentration, cognition, energy, memory and mental performance.

Brainzyme Focus supplements help you stay locked in on your tasks until they’re finished, helping distractions vanish and making getting started effortless.

They provide you with the drive, focus and clarity to tick off tasks off your to do list, whilst still having the energy for your friends, family and fun.

Combining 100% natural nootropics with essential neuro-enhancing vitamins and minerals, with Brainzyme Focus supplements you can stay focused, energised and productive for upwards of 8 hours.

Benefits include:

Focus & concentration boost

Three different formulas to support your mood

Energy & memory support

Think clearer and get more done

What to Expect

Here's how you will feel:

After 30 minutes: You will begin to feel stimulated by the mixture of guarana and plant polyphenols and will feel a slight improvement in your sense of wellbeing.

After 45 minutes: You begin to realise that you are noticeably more focused and that you feel "locked-in" to the task you are doing or about to do.

After 60 minutes: You are on-track and feel a sense of determination and flow as you effortlessly move through your tasks and practices. You feel a sense of ambition as you look at your day ahead, rather than the usual hint of dread and overwhelm at all the tasks that must be finished.

60 minutes to 8 hours: this is how long the supplements work for. Brainzyme’s optimised blend of supporting nutrients allows your body to maintain this energetic state for longer, without feeling frazzled or lethargic afterwards.

Brainzyme provides your brain with important support, naturally, enabling you to function at optimal levels in a healthy way.

This means you’ll also have time for everything you want to do after your work is done. Whether that’s family, friends or fun, Brainzyme allows you to focus fully for up to 8 hours and then live life on your terms.

100% Plant-Powered Focus



Brainzyme Focus
(3-in-1) Set 

Brainzyme Focus (3-in-1) Set 

Get the complete Focus range

Brainzyme Focus supplements are advanced brain food supplements with scientifically proven plant-powered ingredients that provide you with focus, concentration, memory, mood and energy. They help you think clearer and get more done whilst supporting your brain health.

This Set includes 1x Elite, 1x Pro and 1x Original.

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Brainzyme® Focus Pro: Strong Focus, Motivation & Energy

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Brainzyme® Focus Elite: Stress-Free Focus, Positive Mood & Energy

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Brainzyme® Focus Original: Calm Focus & Energy

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With your first purchase you will receive our "Brainzyme eBook: The Starter Guide" which contains lots of helpful information to get you started on your Brainzyme journey!

And for a limited time (while stocks last) we are distributing free high quality (N95 Equiv) face masks to our valued customers, when purchasing 3 or 6 month options.

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Our customers say it works!

Brainzyme Focus products have been rated 5 stars by over 80% of our customers.

Watch customer video reviews here.

Testimonials from medical experts

"I found that Brainzyme helped me stay alert and focused."

Dr Sarah Nicholls

BSc BMBS, Neurosurgery

"I found it much easier to stay on task and felt like more got done."

Tim Grivell

MSc MBACP, Registered Psychologist

"Brainzyme contains a range of nutrients known to help with focus and concentration."

Christine Bailey

MSc MBANT CNHC, Award-winning Nutritionist

Brainzyme featured in the media

Brainzyme [is] aimed at helping people who want to think more clearly and be more focused.

The most noticeable effect, even on the first day of taking [Brainzyme], was the alleviation of my mid-afternoon slump.

A natural brain enhancer aimed at providing optimum nutrition to the brain.

Why Brainzyme?

We are a  leading British brain food supplement specialist. 

By specialising in one area, we are able to research, evaluate and manufacture the best brain food supplements for our customers. We are supported by an innovation grant awarded by Scottish Enterprise, a public body of the Scottish Government.

In 2016, we were the first company in the UK to launch a nootropic that was fully compliant with all 6 governing agencies.


Scientifically Proven

Brainzyme product effects are recognised by the British Department of Health and EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority).

100% Plant-Powered

No additives, fillers or anything else. There are only potent, plant-powered nootropic ingredients in Brainzyme. It is also vegan and free from allergens.

Powerful Formula

Brainzyme's advanced, powerful formula is easily absorbed by the body, making it very fast-acting.

Made in the UK

All our production and packaging is done within the UK, and Brainzyme is fully compliant with all 6 governing agencies.

Discover the full Brainzyme Focus range

Brainzyme Focus Original

Focus and concentration

Mild formula

Calm mood

6-hour energy


12 Active ingredients

Calm focus & energy


Brainzyme Focus Pro

Focus and concentration

Stronger formula

Motivated mood

8-hour energy

Memory support

20 Active ingredients

Strong focus, motivation & energy


Brainzyme Focus Elite

Focus and concentration

Stress relief formula

Positive mood

8-hour energy

Memory support

30 Active ingredients (inc. probiotic)

Stress-free focus, positive mood & energy


*Mood claims are anecdotal. 100% plant-powered refers to the main active ingredients.

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