Press Kit (Online Version) for writers, reporters, bloggers.

Hi! Welcome,

My name is Calum - and I will introduce the Press Kit we have put together for you.   To access the Press-Kit, please send us your email and publication reason using the form below, and we will send you the link to access the full Press Kit.  

Meanwhile, here is a summary of what the kit contains:


  • Our story: We share our story, how our business came to be and a little about ourselves and why we’re doing what we’re doing.
  • Company facts: How many customers have we served? How long have we been in business? How many units have we sold? What year did our business start? Any other facts or figures that we can share with reporters? Where is our business located? Where is our product manufactured?
  • Large, high-resolution images of our logo and branding: We have made it easy for content publishers to use our logo or create graphics using our logo by providing options. We have provided high quality, high resolution graphics that also include a transparent background to make our graphics easy to use for nearly any purpose including print. If applicable to your needs, we have included a download to the raw, vector file.

  • People in our team: We share their stories and their role and how they got involved in our business.
  • Samples of articles/press: We show reporters other articles and publications that you our business has been featured in or talked about. These include blog posts, interviews, magazine articles, press releases, and articles on other websites. If you are interested in talking about our business on your website, this might give you something to work from.


  • We provide a separate press/media email: This separate email address is specifically for reporters, journalists or publications to contact us.  It goes straight to the key members of our team.   (press @ brainzyme. com)
  • Name spelling/capitalization: As our business has unique spelling and capitalization, we specify how we wish our brand name to be printed.  For example, as we are 'BrainZyme' and not 'Brain Zyme' or 'brainzyme', we try to make it clear!
  • Audio/video interviews/segments: We include audio files of our pod-cast blog and other media.
  • Market Reviews/ recognition: We share our market reviews and other recognition our business has received.
  • Social causes, Non-profit and volunteer involvement: We include the social causes, charities and non-profit work our business has been involved with.

 If you need anything extra, just let me know, thanks! Calum


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