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BZ-Points Loyalty Card

Brain supplement loyalty card

BZ-Points Loyalty Card System

Earn BZ-Points:
500 BZ-Points - Sign-Up
100 BZ-Points - for every £1 spent in-store
500 BZ-Points - on your birthday!
200 BZ-Points - Share on Facebook
200 BZ-Points - Share on Twitter
200 BZ-Points - Facebook Like
200 BZ-Points - Instagram Follow
200 BZ-Points - Twitter Follow

Spend BZ-Points:
£5 off discount - 5000 BZ-Points
£10 off discount - 10000 BZ-Points
£25 off discount - 25000 BZ-Points
Free International Shipping discount - 8000 BZ-Points

BZ Points Refer-A-Friend
Give your friends a 10% off discount code, and earn £5 for each referral that leads to a purchase.  It’s easy, just copy the referral code and send it your friends via email, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram or any other way!  After they make any purchase, your BZ-Points Loyalty Card is credited with £5 for each one!  

How do I Sign Up?
Just click on the blue button at the bottom-left of this page, entitled "Click for BZ-Points!". Or if you have a store account already, you're already a member of the BZ-Points Loyalty Card system, just login using your store email and password.  

Questions?  Please use the live-chat button (the blue circle at bottom-right of this page) to contact us, or use the form below.

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