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Learn more about the different BrainZyme brain food supplement/ nutritional cognitive enhancers and choose one that is best suited for your needs.  
Products are differentiated by ingredients, price and intended usage.


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 All our BrainZyme brain food supplements/ nutritional cognitive enhancers share the same Core Ingredients:

Matcha Green Tea Powder - This is a form of green tea where specially selected whole green tea leaves are ground down to a superfine powder, delivering compounds associated with health and increased focus.
Guarana Fruit Seeds - Guarana is a plant native to the Amazonian region.  It's seeds contain natural caffeine which is released in a sustained manner, providing alertness throughout the day.  
Choline - An important nutrient that is helpful for brain health, found in various foods including broccoli and kidney beans.  
Additionally, different BrainZyme products have different variations in the vitamins/ minerals used.  
BrainZyme Original has 7 vitamins/ minerals,
BrainZyme Professional has 11 vitamins/ minerals,
BrainZyme Elite has 18 vitamins/ minerals.

Crucially, the advanced versions of BrainZyme (BrainZyme Professional and Elite) have further additions;
BrainZyme Professional has added gingko biloba and magnesium.
BrainZyme Elite also has added gingko biloba and magnesium, with an added neuro-support formula which contains Chia seeds providing Omega 3 and 6.


Please note currently we only have stock in BrainZyme (Original).  

BrainZyme Professional and Elite are both available to pre-order today to be 'first-in-line' when these products are back in stock.


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