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the ultimate guide to piracetam

The Ultimate Guide to Piracetam in 2021 | UK Nootropics Review

Are you feeling frustrated with your output, and feel like you’re being held back by a lack of attentiveness or concentration?

The world we live in is highly competitive, and whether you’re a student working to your finals, or in a pressured working environment in your career, to throw yourself in and succeed, you need to bring your full focus and energy levels to your work.

Today, in increasing numbers, people from all walks of life are using brain drugs like Piracetam to improve their memory skills and boost their productivity.

We’ll be walking you through what exactly this brain drug is, whether you can get it, and what you can expect from taking it in our guide.

Table of Contents

- What is Piracetam?

- Piracetam's Prescribed Uses in the UK

- Piracetam Side-Effects

- Piracetam Legality

- Attitudes towards Piracetam

- Why Use Brain Drugs Like Piracetam?

- Conclusion

What is Piracetam?


Corneliu Giurgea developed Piracetam, and also came up with the umbrella term nootropic, which refers to a substance you can take in order to enhance and improve your mental performance. They are taken by healthy adults, as a means to boost their cognitive skills.

Piracetam is sold under a wide list of brand names, such as Nootropil.

By taking Piracetam, many people believe that it will improve how they work, by boosting their concentration skills and brainpower.

The main reason people take Piracetam is also that it can help with their memory. This means that it’s actually commonly used, and with greater success, by older people who are struggling with memory loss.

In fact, reports of its benefits have been more widely acknowledged in this age group, as opposed to adults seeking to enhance their memory skills to compete in the workplace.

For instance, in a group of 1500 older people with dementia, 61% of people taking Piracetam reported a boost to their cognitive functions.

While research isn’t clear on exactly how Piracetam works, it’s thought to increase the blood and oxygen supply in your brain, which could boost your mental performance.

While many look to this drug as a way of improving their memory, it is also thought that taking Piracetam is a good way to reduce anxiety and depression.

However, it’s worth noting that some of the side-effects of Piracetam have also included increased depressed feelings.

Piracetam's Prescribed Uses in the UK

What is piracetam prescribed for

In the UK, the prescribed uses of Piracetam are to treat myoclonus, a condition in which your muscles jerk irregularly. For this reason, it is only available through prescription.

Piracetam Side-Effects

If you take Piracetam, you could expect to experience a range of symptoms, including:




-Weight Gain

-Muscle Spasms

These side-effects could certainly affect your ability to work efficiently or even physically, because of the overall impression of agitation and excitability people experience when taking Piracetam.

Some users have even reported this sense of agitation extends into arousal.

As we've gone through, there are many people who look to begin using Piracetam because they want it to enhance their cognitive skills. However, a bad side-effect that has been reported is the way it induces brain fog.

This effect goes against the appeal of Piracetam as an effective brain drug.

Alongside this, many people have suggested it negatively impacts the way they think and function. However, there are some ways you could try to reduce the adverse effects.

For instance, you could speak to your doctor about reducing the dosage, and see whether you're still experiencing side-effects.

You could also consider the effects of other supplements if you're taking them at the same time as Piracetam, as it is still not known exactly how Piracetam interacts with them, and this could be worsening your experience.

Piracetam can also thin your blood, so you should be aware of this if it could impact blood-thinning medication.

Piracetam Legality

Is piracetam legal?

As we’ve run through, in the UK Piracetam is only available through a prescription.

However, if you’re looking to use Piracetam for personal use and as a way to improve your performance, it is legal to buy into the UK, and you do not need a prescription to do so, as long as this is strictly for personal use.

If you want to buy Piracetam for your own use, it’s important this supply does not exceed three months’ worth, as beyond this is considered a quantity you could sell.

If you’re looking online to buy it, you must think carefully about both the supplier and dosage, as it is not coming from your doctor, and with their advice.

Attitudes Towards Piracetam

It's important to recognise that our knowledge of Piracetam as a brain drug comes from a very small amount of research.

There haven't been enough studies into the effects of Piracetam on people who are healthy and seeking to use it as a means of improving their performance.

With the internet, peoples' experiences are out there and available for us all to access. A common report from users of Piracetam is that it makes them feel depressed and anxious.

Alongside the side-effect of insomnia, some have also claimed it has made them extremely sleepy, and therefore unable to function.

These experiences mean that Piracetam doesn't seem to offer users improved brain functions, but can instead slow them down.

Attitudes towards Piracetam also vary depending on where you are in the world. While many people generally seem to consider Piracetam being of lower risk, it isn't approved for medical use in the US.

Perhaps this distrust could also come from the fact that no one really understands how Piracetam works.

Why Use Brain Drugs Like Piracetam?

Why use brain drugs like Piracetam?

Piracetam is incredibly popular among students, who consider the promised benefits of improving your memory to make it a good study drug.

However, it's not just students cramming for exams and working weird hours to meet deadlines.

Today, huge numbers of people are attracted to brain drugs because they're looking for an edge in their working lives, and the ability to push themselves beyond brain fog and low energy levels.

Brain drugs promise these benefits, and increased levels of focus, despite research and studies failing to be conclusive in their findings.


Whilst piracetam is a popular nootropic, many users report that the side-effects you get from it can actually make you less productive in the long run.

If you want a nootropic that is safe, effective, great value for money and completely legal, you should try naturally-sourced nootropics and brain supplements like Brainzyme. They are safe, available over the counter, better value for money and can be as effective as synthetic nootropics.



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