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Modafinil Alternatives: The 7 Best Ways To Boost Your Brain in 2019

Modafinil Alternatives: The 7 Best Ways To Boost Your Brain in 2019


Also known as Provigil, Modafinil* is a very popular smart drug, being used by up to 20% of university students as reported by The Tab.  

Nature also confirms that pharmaceutical smart drugs like modafinil have been used by up to 23% of all people in the UK. 

But, modafinil is illegal to sell in the UK, and many people are put off by the fact that it can cause some nasty side-effects and is illegal to sell in the UK.

So, we asked our team of experts to prepare a list of popular modafinil alternatives...

Our recommended modafinil alternative has been described as a "Good luck pill", "like NZT", and is completely legal in the UK (and most of the world).

If you are interested in the topic of Modafinil, you should also consider checking out our Ultimate Modafinil UK Guide: Effects, Side Effects, Dosage and More article.

Quick Tip: BrainZyme Professional works as a great alternative to synthetic smart drugsQuick Tip:
Modafinil's mechanism of action is (by a large degree) to act on the brain neurotransmitter dopamine.

If you want a powerful natural alternative that works on the same pathway (and thus have similar results with fewer side-effects), you should try BrainZyme® Professional.

The 7 Best Modafinil Alternatives

- 1) BrainZyme®

- 2) Adrafinil

- 3) Caffeine

- 4) L-Theanine

- 5) Panax Ginseng

- 6) Acetyl L-Carnitine

- 7) Choline

1) BrainZyme®

It is our belief that BrainZyme® is the best Modafinil alternative currently on the market anywhere in the world.

Watch: Reasons to Choose BrainZyme®.

There are four main reasons why we think this. BrainZyme is: effective, safe, legal and great value for money.

BrainZyme is Effective

Natural modafinil alternative

Watch: BrainZyme® Customer Review Compilation Video

BrainZyme was featured in Forbes Magazine "[BrainZyme is] aimed at helping people who want to think more clearly and be more focused and less distracted, including students, sportspeople, and working professionals. "
BrainZyme was featured by The Times. “BrainZyme, a “natural nootropic” … The most noticeable effect, even on the first day of taking [BrainZyme], was the alleviation of my mid-afternoon slump …"
BrainZyme was featured in Health and Fitness Magazine "... a new raft of natural brain enhancers aimed at providing optimum nutrition to the brain, while giving an immediate lift in cognitive function, has arrived.”

BrainZyme is Safe

  • Only uses naturally-sourced and vegan ingredients that have had a long history of scientific study.
  • Excellent customer support team on hand to guide you through the right dosage, and how to make the most out of BrainZyme®.
  • Our testing is also safe - we do not test on animals and are completely cruelty-free.

    BrainZyme is Completely Legal

    effective natural modafinil substitute

    • All of BrainZyme's products are completely legal around the world.
    • Completely safe for competitors. BrainZyme offers Informed Sport batch testing (the most intense lab testing available anywhere in the world: guaranteed 100% safe for high-performance World Anti-Doping Agency use).

    BrainZyme is Great Value for Money

    • Starting at 33p per capsule - much cheaper and more effective than a daily cup of coffee, other supplements or pharmaceutical study drugs.
    • Save money - with our value packs you can save extra money.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you are not happy with BrainZyme for whatever reason, you can return them to us for a full refund.


    Modafinil BrainZyme
    Helps concentration, motivation, wakefulness
    Works fast
    Helps concentration, motivation, energy
    Works fast
    Side Effects Side Effects
    o Headache
    o Dry mouth
    o Sweating
    o Tapping/restlessness
    o Feeling antisocial – may be impatient/irritable
    o Anxiety if not doing what you want to do
    Hardly any side effects; some reports of feeling thirsty or going to the bathroom more
    Wakefulness Wakefulness
    Keeps you awake for a long time.
    Potentially longer than you it want to.
    Difficulty switching off
    Helps maintain wakefulness and alertness
    Focus Focus
    Laser focus, which can be on the wrong task
    You may end up playing computer games, reading about other topics, etc
    Can be detrimental to studying
    Helps give you the motivation and will to work, and aids in reducing distractions.
    Assists in maintaining natural focus.
    Stimulation Stimulation
    Highly stimulating, causing agitation in some individuals. Calms and focuses the mind.
    Tolerance Tolerance
    May cause tolerance, needing increased doses to have the same effect. No issues with tolerance
    Availability/Legality Availability/Legality
    Only available by prescription
    Maybe screened for in sporting drugs tests
    Readily available to buy
    Legal for sporting use

    2) Adrafinil

    Adrafinil is the most similar nootropic to modafinil on this list.

    It's also the only synthetic nootropic.

    The reason why we decided to include adrafinil is how similar it is to modafinil and the fact that it is legal to possess in the UK without a prescription.

    Like Modafinil, Adrafinil was developed to treat narcolepsy but has since been hijacked by students, professionals and academics looking to boost their energy and brain power.

    Although Adrafinil is cheaper than Modafinil, almost all doctors started prescribing Modafinil rather than Adrafinil as Adrafinil is metabolised in the liver and can lead to serious side-effects.

    Adrafinil works by breaking down and forming Modafinil in the body - it is generally recommended to consume 300mg of Adrafinil to get the same effects as 100mg of Modafinil.

    caffeine as a modafinil alternative

    3) Caffeine

    Caffeine is near-ubiquitous in our society.

    Loads of people drink coffee, and for good reason: Caffeine increases alertness levels, wakefulness levels, and may be considered a cognitive enhancer by some 

    However, too much caffeine can cause problems.

    You're probably familiar with many of the side effects of caffeine use: jitters, anxiety, increased heart rate and so on. 

    It's best used in moderation, particularly if you're trying concentrated caffeine pills.

    4) L-Theanine

    L-Theanine is another natural nootropic, that works very well in concert with caffeine.  

    Theanine is an amino acid that may have beneficial properties for your brain and is good for boosting brain power, while also helping with mental clarity and focus.

    Importantly, theanine makes you more resistant to the negative effects of caffeine. 

    A caffeine-theanine mix is perhaps the simplest and most popular nootropic, for this reason, improving your wakefulness and cognitive performance without the downsides associated with a triple espresso.

    5) Panax Ginseng

    panax ginseng as a modafinil alternative

    Panax ginseng is another widely-used nootropic. 

    It's a herbal remedy from China, and it has a reputation for stimulating brain function and increasing energy.

    Ginseng is also believed to regulate glucose levels to the brain, which can, in turn, help cognitive performance.

    6) Acetyl L-Carnitine

    Acetyl L-Carnitine (which can be found in asparagus) is a mitochondrial energy optimizer, that supports energy production at the cellular level. 

    Moreover, Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an antioxidant that can help mitigate oxidative damage to the brain according to a recent study

    7) Choline

    Choline is an important chemical in your brain because it works in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

    Acetylcholine helps regulate mood, intelligence and cognitive processes - and it's frequently taken alongside nootropics, or on its own as a way to increase acetylcholine levels in the brain.

    Modafinil Side Effects Detailed Breakdown


    The debate on what is the best Modafinil alternative will continue to rage on across its main battlefield: the internet. Social media, Reddit and forums like Longecity are dedicated to debating these issues.

    When it comes down to what is the best Modafinil alternative is ultimately subjective, as everyone's body reacts differently to different substances.

    However, for a powerful alternative that comes from natural sources and fewer side effects then we recommend BrainZyme.

    With three formulas to choose from, you are free to choose how you want to feel on any particular day.

    Want to feel calm? Try BrainZyme Original.

    Want to feel decisive and confident? Try BrainZyme Professional.

    Want to feel positive and cooperative? Try BrainZyme Elite.

    What's even better is that BrainZyme has a 100% satisfaction policy - meaning you can get a refund on your order if you are not 100% happy.

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    * = Important note - whilst BrainZyme is scientifically proven to support concentration and mental performance, it is not a replacement for a good diet, moderate exercise or sleep. BrainZyme is also not a drug, medicine or pharmaceutical. It is a natural-sourced, vegan food supplement with ingredients that are scientifically proven to support cognition, concentration, mental performance and reduction of tiredness. You should always consult with your doctor if you require medical attention.
    ** = Anecdotally, the improved concentration from BrainZyme enables increased motivation.


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    • Hi Reece,

      Good question!

      Usually, Adderall is prescribed in the US for ADHD, whereas Modafinil is primarily prescribed in the UK for narcolepsy.

      Both should work quite effectively at boosting energy and focus, but in the long-term, both suffer the same set back in side effects.

      If you want a similar effect without the side effects, we recommend BrainZyme Professional.

      I hope this helps :)

      Robert (Mod) on

    • What’s the difference between adderall and modafinil?

      Reece on

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