BZ GUEST POST: Hi Everybody, my name is Joseph and I am a third year  - Undergrad at the University of Edinburgh.

GUEST POST: My name is Joseph, I'm a student: my 'smart pills' story.



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Hello! Thanks for dropping by!  

I genuinely hope this blog post can help you in your journey to do better at your studies.   

So, I wanted to share a story I have about trying to improve my grades at University. I tried all kinds of things such as 'smart pills'. (I have listed below some of the things I tried.)

This then led to 'side effects' and caused me to look for new options and what I found - the results may surprise you (or may not).

At the end, I describe the one that worked best for me.

Video version of this blog post below (please excuse the shaky camera):

(Above) Youtube Video: "BZ GUEST POST: Hi Everybody, my name is Joseph and I am a third year  - Undergrad at the University of Edinburgh".

My blogpost: "My name is Joseph and I'm a student: here's my story about taking 'smart pills' and what I learnt from it."

OK, so, ever since being a child, I’ve always been that kid who distracts their classmates. For the life of me, I just could not concentrate at school, constantly talking and fidgeting. 

When I got to Uni, like so many of my peers, I got enticed by the miraculous claims of ‘smart pills’.

More specifically, 'Modaf' (spelling deliberate).

Within the confines of our hyper-competitive modern world, many people are using them.

The intense feeling of concentration and focus these drugs can give you is astounding - as can anybody who has tried them can testify. However, what happens if you need to take them for more than one night when you’re cramming?

I also thought it was curious to see that all the tests that have been done on the efficacy of Modaf and Adderll (sic) as a supplement to study have been short-term, one dose studies conducting over a few hours (for the most part). 

There is a huge lack of evidence as to how these drugs affect you long term, say if you needed a boost revising for an exam, or writing an essay or dissertation.

Whilst solid, scientific facts may still elude us, anecdotal evidence is easy to find.

From stories about “My smart drug nightmare”, to seeing a sweating, wreck of a person tapping themselves to insanity in the library, the use and abuse of pharmaceutical study drugs is not only rampant but easily observable in Universities. 

Some people even say that the long-term side effects of pharmaceuticals (taken 'off-label' in this manner, i.e. in a way not advised by the manufacturers) displace the short term benefit of longer concentration and increased energy.

Lack of sleep, poor nutrition as well as only God knows what it is doing to your insides.

I certainly had a similar experience, before I found my favourite alternative to smart drugs.  The truth of the matter is that pharmaceutical study drugs are not the answer to improving your grades long-term.

Taking pharmaceutical study drugs in the long term (i.e. over weeks, months) doesn’t only not improve your overall grades, but has the potential to even make them worse.

Well, what is then? The downsides of pharmaceutical study drugs are that: they are harmful, they are illegal and they come with big side-effects, but they still provide a temporary boost to concentration and energy levels when you need one.

Armed with this knowledge, I took to the internet to do some research. Fortunately, I found a company also based in Edinburgh, making Brainzyme.

Brainzyme brings all the benefits of using pharmaceutical study drugs, but without the guilt. It is made from natural ingredients, using superfoods, herbals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to supercharge brain nutrition.

I like that fact that it is vegan, cruelty-free, and best of all is scientifically proven to help concentration, mental performance and energy levels.  

I feel, it has everything that your brain needs, using the best nutrients found in things like asparagus, avocados, kidney beans, broccoli and green tea.  (Update: This is not only just my feeling, it's also backed up with the research I did online).

So not only does it improve how well you can concentrate, but it also actively makes you healthier as opposed to pharmaceuticals, which are obviously not. [Please see clarification below].

[Except of course in the case of prescribed medicines which have been genuinely given by a qualified Doctor for a disease, etc. not 'smart drugs' bought off the internet from or with fake prescriptions -ed.]

So, I am usually horrible to deal with in the morning - tired, slow and groggy. I didn’t use to wake up properly until about half 11.  Now, with BrainZyme, I have become so much more productive in the mornings - no word of a lie, I can do as much work in the morning as I used to be able to do all day.  

(It works for morning people too - I know some people who are normally bright in the morning use it to get over their mid-afternoon slump. )

However, I have to be honest, if it was a one-off sprint between Modaf and BrainZyme, Mod would win.   

Why? Whilst I do not want to encourage the use of off-label pharmaceuticals if you have to pull an all-nighter to finish an assignment, arguably something like Modaf would be better.  It can work well in single dose use off-label as a 'smart drug'.

However, a lot of students end up relying on these, they can then start having 'issues' ... that's why I think you are better off by going with a natural option.  It works better, gets better results (and costs less!)

(importantly for students) I should mention you can save a massive amount with the natural version - for example, Modaf can be between 2 and 3 times the cost (dose for dose) with Brainzyme Pro, the one I tried.  So that is a great plus too.

My opinion: My Favourite Natural Nootropic

BrainZyme Value Packs - Cognitive Enhancers

However, if you are looking for something that you can take for 5 or 6 days a week during an entire term - something that will give you a boost in energy (I call it 'headspace' energy), remove brain fog, helping you concentrate better and actively improving your general health?

Something which you can take without any guilt, then BrainZyme is the one for you. I've also seen loads of media reviews and customer reviews that also say BrainZyme's really helpful.

IMHO, I do think this works better, and it's not a drug, it's basically a clever food supplement with vitamins and extracts.  

Finally, here is a link so you can take a look yourself - link to the supplements (please remember that I used the Pro version, which costs a bit less and is the strongest).  

I genuinely hope this blog post can help you in your journey to do better at your studies, please let me know what you think.  

Best wishes, Joseph
(going into my final year now!)

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