Top Santé Reviews BrainZyme®: "A Busy Woman's Best Friend"

Top Santé Reviews BrainZyme®: "A Busy Woman's Best Friend"


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This article will outline some of the ways nootropics can help you, particularly in holiday seasons or when you're really busy and need a quick boost.  Top Santé recently ran a feature on nootropics, so we think it's a great time to take a look at their benefits.

You know the feeling: you've got a huge Christmas party to plan, family is coming over and setting everything up seems like an unending task.  The house needs cleaning, food needs making and work's still hectic.  You're tired, losing concentration and on top of that, you're going on 4 nights out in the next week and you don't know how you'll manage to fit it all in.

Enter: BrainZyme.

Top sante

Top Santé's Review

Top Santé, Britain's leading women's health magazine, has just featured BrainZyme in their Christmas issue.  Their piece describes BrainZyme as a "nutrient combo designed to optimise your brain," that "helps support brain and nerve function." (The full review text is at the end of this article, as well as in the above images) 

BrainZyme is absolutely ideal for coping with those times when your life seems just a little bit overwhelming.  The supplement helps to improve focus, motivation* and supports mental performance.  You'll be a whirlwind of productivity after taking it, getting all sorts done in the day so you have time in the evening to spend with friends and family. See more information on BrainZyme here.

To achieve this, BrainZyme uses concentrated nutrients to boost your brain.  That means it's a natural, healthy alternative to many other cognitive enhancers, without a nasty caffeine crash to follow up your 6 hours of productivity! Even better: the supplements are fast-acting, with people usually feeling an effect within an hour of taking them.

BrainZyme contains superfoods, herbals, amino As, vitamins and minerals: natural and healthy stuff like Matcha, guarana and choline, along with 7 vitamins and minerals in BrainZyme's Original blend.  The brain-boosting effects are all derived from these, with no pharmaceuticals at all.  BrainZyme is also sugar free, carb free, vegan, and free from all 14 of the Food Standards Association's recognised allergens.  

If you're health conscious, it might be a good investment to grab a pack of BrainZyme: in addition to the immediate effects of the supplement, it contains numerous vitamins and minerals which contribute to good brain health.  Plus, BrainZyme can help energise you and motivate* you to exercise, even in the cold winter months!

It's safe too: BrainZyme is compliant with regulations from the Department of Health, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Trading Standards, Food Standards and City of Edinburgh Environmental Health Standards.  BrainZyme is also tested for contaminants like heavy metals, and to confirm the purity and origins of its ingredients.

Furthermore, the claims that BrainZyme makes are scientifically sound and proven by existing research from EFSA.  So, it's scientifically proven to help your focus, alertness and mental performance!  BrainZyme has also been found to help multitasking, creativity, and to reduce procrastination and distractions.

In addition to scientific proof, BrainZyme is rated highly by customers. It has been reviewed very well, both by publications like Top Santé and regular customers.  Students, shift workers and busy parents have all been helped by BrainZyme, as well as professional athletes.  They were all able to get more done and focus on their tasks, and were highly satisfied with the results they felt.


So, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed around the holidays (or any other time for that matter), grab a pack of BrainZyme.  You'll get more done, and keep your brain healthy while doing it!

Our Favourite Natural Nootropic

The truth is, different smart pills affect people differently. What may work for one person may not work for someone else. So, when you are choosing a smart pill, you need to choose one that is best for you in the situation you are in.

That's why BrainZyme, the UK's favourite smart pill specialist, didn't just formulate one smart pill, they made three to ensure that you can rise to any challenge and always perform at your best, no matter the situation. It ensures that you can be at your most productive, giving you more time to do the things you love as well as living a more fulfilling work/academic life.

Since launching in November 2016, BrainZyme has swept through the UK. It is now used by thousands of people, from working professionals and students to Olympic level athletes, who all love the fact that it is a smart pill that: acts quickly, lasts all day, is super effective without side-effects and much better value for money than smart drugs.

By using only the latest scientific studies and highest quality ingredients, BrainZyme, in our (slightly) biased opinion, has developed the best Smart Pills not only in the UK but the entire world.

BrainZyme is not afraid to put their money where their mouth is, and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you're not 100% happy with them, you can send back the pack for a full refund.

You can read what people have been saying about BrainZyme here - customer reviews, and what the media thinks of BrainZyme.  Or, if you like, you can shop now.

Why Choose BrainZyme Natural Nootropics?


Full Feature Text from Top Santé

Top Santé Features BrainZyme
Publication Date 28 December 2017

New Memory and Focus Booster
Stay on top of festive planning, diary dates and all your other tasks with a nutrient combo designed to optimise your brain. New BrainZyme (£9.95, is an all-natural blend of energising matcha green tea, guarana and B vitamins, along with iron, zinc, iodine and the nutrient choline, which has been shown to help support brain and nerve function.

Please note, this is a blog post is for educational and informational purposes. It does not constitute medical advice. You should always speak to your Doctor first if you have any medical concerns.

* = Anecdotally, the improved concentration from BrainZyme enables increased motivation.

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